Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I am peculiar for a no. of inexplicable reasons.Following is a list of some( mind you, just some ) things that i do that make me the quirky woman that i ( so proudly) am!
1. Right-o-phobia:
Most of my closest friends wont walk on your left.You wonder why...u think they are finicky..NO.NO.NO!!!!
Thats coz I am finicky!!!!! I can't walk on another persons left!!! I cant cant cant!!!!! So they have become so used to someone constantly on their left that they are labelled finnicky!!!! If you wish to entertain yourself go with me for a walk.Take a u-turn. Watch me criss-cross my way to land on your left.Take another u-turn.Watch. Smile to yourself while i go nuts crissing-crossing .And say to yourself--' aah...quirky woman!! '

Okay i have just returned from a shopping expedition. I put my shopping bags on the bed( which has a pink bed sheet) and i start pulling out stuff i have just bought so that i can admire it once again..pat myself yet again for being the wonderful shopper that i am. I pull out a tee...its baby pink...aah , i say to will go so well with the powder pink capris i am wearing rite now....i pull out a pink hand bag...aah.., i say to myself...this is the exact same shade of pink as my dark pink belt i have put on rite now...i pull out candies...aah, i say to myself, tehy are the exact same shade as my pink lip gloss.(!!!!! )
Help! I the worst case of pink-o-philia on this planet . Its definitely a mental disorder.
And you say to yourself....'aah...kinky woman!'

3.Cant-sleep-on-the-left-of-the-bed mental disorder:
I cant walk on anyones left and i cant sleep on the left side of my bed.( happily) 'how kinky is that!!!'
However i am made of steel..i decide i will will myself into normalcy. So i sleep on the left of the bed. I am soon asleep. The last thing i say to myself before i land in the land of fairies(wearing pink dresses ,flitting around pink trees ..watching a pink sun set amidst pink clouds...) is a a very proud-of-myself 'HAAH! '
Next thing i know is that i am wide awake and feeling really the freshest i have felt in ages. The only glitch is that its two in the morning .
I panic..i have to sleep....i have to get up at 5 in the morning to study...oh my gawd!!! I try reading my text book on Design and analysis of always has a a soporific effect on me.No, now that is not workin either. I go mad! Finally i sleep at 4 in the morning only to get up , at 5, bewilderd by the sound of the alarm.All groggy and sleepy ....i try to study..quirky i might be..but at times i can be quite what do i do...??i roll over to right of the bed and sleep soundly for the next 8 hrs!
And you say to yourself...'Aaah.....quirky woman!! '

4. Cant-wear-a-watch menatl disorder:
I am a bad case of the aforementioned potentially dangerous mental illness....I simply cant wear a watch..or as a matter of fact anything on the wrist. To think that there was once a time when i could not live a second with out a watch . Now i cant live a second with a one!!!
I wear this really cool pink watch to college. As some time passes....i get restless....hmm...something is bothering i know...i quietly remove the watch from my wrist and spend the next 100 minutes of the lecture asking my neighbour to tell me the time atleast 500 times.
me: (sweetly but in a whisper ) cud i have the time please.?
neighbour: ( if a guy the he'll redden a bit ): oh yeah..sure...9:30.
i smile a thank you.
its now surely been atleast 30 minutes into the lecture
me(sweetly, in a whisper ) cud i have the time please?
neighbour( if a guy then he'll answer, elswise i just get a dirty look): 9:32

its now def. another 30 miutes minimum into the lecture.
me( always as sweet) :cud i have the time please?
neighbour( if a guy then he'll redden a bit...with i guess irritation, elsewise i get a nice smart slap on my wrist):9:33:55seconds!!!!!!!!!!
you :Aaah....quirky woman!!!!


abhinav said...

ha ha.that was funny.reading this was the perfect way to start my day.but are you really this..well..quirky ? because if you are , you need medical help.i hear some docs are real good these days.maybe with the right surgery and proper care and therapy after that , you can be "unquirky" and normal.ohk , dnt dial the doctor now.i was kidding.wats a girl without some disorders.;)

dotty_pixie said...

don't i know it all!haha!!
how come u didn't mention ur can't-live-a-sec-widout-obsessing disorder(wink wink!) or ur im-the-only-1-on-this-planet-who-doesn't-listen-to-music trait?? (wink again!)
watevr it is..they all make u wat u are..rite:)
nd hey...its all such things which make us what we are ..

amit said...

well really some 'innovative' kind of phobias.....i thot i had heard abt a number of phobias but these r really different..

abhinav said...

thats ok.this cat mail thing.though 9 out of 10 times , my advice leads to unless u r the 10th one , beware.and im not the one to plunge some knife in myself.if it has to happen , i wud rather plunge it in the other guy.

Raam Pyari said...

abhinav----hehehe...(shouts happily) i'm a girl with lots of disorders!!!!
btw....doc..hmm...see there is a problem here...Dadz a surgeon..but not a pink-o-philia/cant-wear-a-watch disorder/ right-o-phobia specialist!..bro is still studying... so no help from my family...hmm..i gather both ur mum and dad are docs...any hope for me there???? Do i see a ray of light at the end of a dark-dark tunnel...plz haan bol do!!

Nivindya---its a solem promise that i shall never again obsess about any name /place/animal/thing!! I mean it and hopefully i can keep my word as well...

amit---hehe..haan me hat ke!!!

latika said...

don't worry about the pink stuff girl!!
today ,at the salon ( gawd !!!! why do i do that to myself ) i was flippin thru this magazine..... which had an article about how miss priyanka chopra has quit wearing black clothes... cause now suddenly out of the blue , madam connects more with pink...
ha ha ha
so u r not alone

Raam Pyari said...

Latika---- hehehe wow me and priyanka chopra hve something in common???~!!!!!