Sunday, October 02, 2005

Dunno wat the title of this post could possibly suggestions,ne one?
mood for the moment: very very depressed.
Theres a word in the english language spelt as 'ennui' (if i am not mistaken..i mite be though.) that largely means general boredom. Thats the word to descibe how i'm feeling at this moment. Ma and Dad have gone to watch some play...and the house is painfully quiet, therz no cable rite now, my eyes are hurting and i am jumping at small sounds! Its not like i dont have work to do( that s the reason why i did not go for the play- had to study etc etc) --loads of assignments to finsh, chapters and chapters to study or rather mug up, have not as of yet read todays Hindu( yeah rite you cant faint as much as you wish to ) a book to finish so much to do... but i just dont fel like doing any of it....
This past week just flew was indeed very hectic....though some nice things happened..(yeah myb if i think of nice things depressing thoughts will be washed away...)

1. Some reults of the now famous minors trickled in( the fact that i mention this in the'good-things-that-happened' section says a lot ;) )

2. In the web tech test there were 3 questions and i got (hear this!!!! ) 3 'excellents'!!!!!!!!!!!!
i was soooooooooo happy though i do believe that it might be considered juvenile to react this way..but still ,somehow , a good test copy always brightens me!

3. got 29/30 in web tech , 14/15 in DBMS, 12/15 ( the highest was 12.5) in s/w/ uptill now its been good.

4. Surprising no of people( not a single girl amongst them ;) ) continue to ask me to treat them for topping the last sem...i'm like -let me get thru a gud b school and then i'll give u the treat of your life!!!
At times performing well scares to explain how i feel better ,take the example of my neighbour who is goin to get married soon.... so the two of them keep talking endlessly on the fone etc etc...she tells me that all these nice things scare her...shes scared that they might stop happening..what then....hmmm...since i'm having an affair with marks ( not Marks but marks, sadly , hehehe) i feel the same about them...i know i know..i'm just being stupid and idiotic .... but then i can only work hard and hope for the best .
gosh..... i'm the Drama Queen!!!!!
okay... like i said i am all alone and imagining sounds....but( meaningfull pause) i was NOT imagining them!!! i had heard a thumping sound some time back in the back yard..and then i felt real stupid as i felt that it was just my imagination....but (another menaingful pause) it was NOT. For a few seconds later ,just after i thought i had finished the post, from the corner of my eye i saw sumthing moving ( this post , one might easily say is not for the weak hearted ) All senses alert i stealthily moved from my room into the lobby...all was quiet and still in the dimly lit room... and then i sensed movement near my feet.... displaying tremendous alacrity/ celerity i turned in flash to catch a glimpse of a HUGE black scary , hairy CAT!!! ( not C.A.T but cat) And that was signal enough for me to start shrieking like crazy n jumping up and down!!!!! ( that must have scared the cat ,betcha! )
And then wat wud Ms. Department topper-scared -about-being-the-topper do????? I madly searched for my cell and called Dad!!!!!!! and hes like' but beta, mein yahan se kya karoon agar room mein billi hai???!!!!"
me: ' kya karoon ??? (incredulous pause as if sum1 cud actually ask me that)arre use bhagaiye aap'
sound of stifled laughter and i get very very hurt.
Well the cat after roaming around my house ( i watched from behind the almost closed door of my room ..) and obviously not liking it went back from where she came.
'oh dear...please get me some smelling salts, they are in my boudoir..'(hehehhe)
Am feeling much happier now....
Moral of this true life account: It takes nothing less than a cat to cheer up Ruchita!


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dotty_pixie said...

i am very very proud to see u hav maintained m reputation as the friend of a topper..good work!im glad ur hard work paid off.
'billi rani badi sayani'..hehehe..
thank God it ws just a billi..wat if it was a big huge ugly smelly filthy rat!!bliv me..billi z far better!

abhinav said...

Man , your marks are so high , they are almost goin thru the ozone layer.

And the billi episode was real funny.but aapka bheja hai ya fried rice , wat cud have ur dad done ? :p .did u expect something like..

ruchita -Papa ! Papa ! mere room mein ek moti kaali baalo wali billi aa gayee hai ! papa mujhe bott darr lag raha hai...

dad- Arre uss billi ki itnee majaal...billi ko fone de , main baat karta hoon.

ur dad ( to billi , on fone)--husshh hushhh , bhaag ja , husshh.

Dont trouble ur dad.Learn to handle the billis of ur life urself.:)

Shreyansh said...

Your post began with a depressing note , became a little boastful:P ( marks etc. ; you have got amazing marks nevertheless) , and then surprised me with the funny vignette.
Guess u shud better be mentally prepared to face the CAT next time.
Went through the rest of the posts . I think the one about news reporter bashing was the best.
Keep up the work.
Anyways , ATB for C A T

Raam Pyari said...

@nivindya---ur bak!!!!!!!!!! yess..topper ki frnd topper!! yay!!

@abhinav---heheheheh, ur sooo funny!!!

Dont trouble ur dad.Learn to handle the billis of ur life urself.:)

the profundity of ur words has not escaped me...:)

@shreyansh---boast?? boast??? boast and me????? how can you say that!!!
btw got my algo marks --am the only person whose scored 15/15
hehehheheheh :)))))

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