Saturday, October 01, 2005


BOOK 1: To Sir With Love.
After a long time i have come across a book i enjoyed to the core. Its not like you cant put it down sorts but certainly u do feel like picking it up. It a class room dramaans the whole story revolves around this black teacher all set to teach a very crass gropu of students in a school situated in a very poor area prone to violence. Its a nice heart warming story.

BOOK 2: The room with a view.
Also after a long i came across a nice pleasant classic. Its a romance in a vague sort of a way... its totally my type of a book.Set in europe its about this girl called Lucia who though is engaged to marry the very correct Cecil finds herself falling in love with George , a not so correct guy.
I am just about to finish the book...I spent a nice couple of hours with it :)


rohit kaul said...

tnx for being at my blog :)...
I read in one of ur previous posts that u dont like giving 2 exams in a u r thinking about coming to IIMs...well...v ppl at times have three 3 hour exams in a day :D :D :D




Anonymous said...

Both the books hv adepted as movies with the same titles.
Danzel washington as sir.

dotty_pixie said...

to sir with love is a great book..i loved it when i read it.
nd the movie is also really it if u hav a chance:)
2nd buk sounds nice too..will read it wenevr i come home..provided u stil have it.

Raam Pyari said...

@rohit--- u shudnt thank me for having visited ur blog, it was a genuine pleasure to see sumones hard work being reinforced my faith in hard work. Moreover i too tried fro was such a huge dream for me and i sadly witnessed it crumbling in front of my i cud also identify with a lot of what u rote...

btw welcum to my blog!! :)

@anonymous--- yep i know ,i have heard that d movies great, havent sumhow gotten the opportunity to watch it...had no idea that the other buk has also been made into a movie...
my choice just too good!! ;)

@Nivindya----arre yaar...glad to have u now moving to ur blog to chek if u've put sumthing new :)