Thursday, December 07, 2006

Crajee raam pyari, The STUDENT..

I am going crazy. There is too much of work but lets not talk about that...
So, coming to other important matters:-

1.Made faces at a chutku sa boy in the bus today.
1.5 The boy was too dignified errr...shy to return the gesture.Ahem.

2.Gave a viva for a project yesterday.I did not even know the topic of our supposedly totally ready project.

3.Said a very dignified very pleased and very superior 'very good' to the Bioinformatics proff when he told me that he had compiled some important stuff for us.
3.1 Almost added' my boy'.
3.2 Almost patted his round shoulders.

4.Gave a presentation today. My group was the last group which meant that I would have to wait till around 5 to stand up and speak rubbish.

4.5 Took deep breaths and told the Proff that I was feeling claustophobic.
4.6 Proff got ultra concerned and asked me why I was not wearing a sweater.
4.7 Then asked me to give my presentation immediately so that I could go home and rest.
4.8 *innocent i-am-an-angel look*

5. A term paper had to be submitted. I wanted to write atleast 8 pages.Was unable to find enough material. So have actually written 'blah blah blah blah blah' in a few places.

6.Again asked the waiter how big the 8 inch pizza was.
6.1 The same waiter.

7.Thanks to a fellow blogger , I have a ready made project in hand, it is based on sudoku.Had to get the topic finalized.Was not sure if the proff would find it difficult enough for a btp.

7.5 Hence felt very relieved when the proff looked at me , a bit perplexed and said," What exactly is a su-ko-du.

7.6 Totally luuurrrvvveee ignorant proffzz.!

8. Felt alarmed when a angry guest faculty screamed at me on the fone.
8.2 Her exact and may I add, extremely threatening words were," Mera bass chale toh poore IT final year koh chaaku bhonk dungi".
8.3 Heard yesterday that she is supposed to have attempted suicide twice.
8.4 Kinda knew that before hand.

9. Went to the H.O.D a few weeks back to talk about a tech event.
9.1 RP: Sir, event ka naam hoga 'xxxx, the CONFLUENCE.'
9.2 TBDHOD[The brain Dead H.OD.] (making an ugly face) : tch no , kutch aur sochiye,Yeh naam toh boht kharab hai(another ugly face).

I pretend to think as I stare with disbelief at the 2-3 hairs on the tip of his nose

9.3 TBDHOD: sochiye sochiye
I pretend to think harder as I notice that the hairs stand almost erect on his nose and are totally white

9.4 TBDHOD: uhh..chodiye , mein hi batata hu, What about 'XXX, the FEST'?!!!
9.5RP(raam pyaari) :Wow!! Sirr, that is so nice and totally different from what I had thought of...thats very nice sirr.

TBDHOD beams and the hairs on the tip of nose wiggle a little bit and I shudder a little bit.
Day before yesterday.
TBDHOD: haan, so we have finalized everything, right?

RP( major I-am-your-secretary look) : yess sir, everything is done. May I go now?

TBDHOD: hmm...yess you may, one sec, what was the name again?

RP(major I-am-your-very-efficient-secretary look):'XXX, the FEST'

TBDHOD: FEST????? tchh tchhh..what utter crap!!! Kuct aur sochiye bhai log, ek naaam tak dhang ka nahi soch sakate..itane saal hogaye but still you cannot do a single thing sensibly..Fest kahan hai yeh?!!Sochiye..

RP pretends to think and is remined of the nose and the hairs.Another shudder and with that a brainwave.

RP:!!!!! SIRRRR!!!!
TBDHOD: what???
TBDHOD:HANNNNNNNN!!!!Now that is a nice name!!!vERY good!!!

TBDHOD beams.
RP beams.



Kaala Kauvva said...

these useless profs and hods

ranjan said...

Hahah :)..totally luv this post of urs..those sub-points..ossum :-), btw Confluence is IIM-A's B-school fest, FYI :-).

Saw Dhoom 2 today, so totally wanted to dance to that Dhoom Again song, TP, no-brainer movie !

aMyth! said...

hahaha! wow, that was funny!! totally lurrrrrrvvvvvvvee it :)

Creepa! said...


tbdhod bhi koi naam hai!huh!
kuch aur sochiye..sochye sochiye..
offo..main hi sochti hoon!
how bout "tbdhod" ?? :D
hoon naa main brilliant! :D

Adarsh said...

TBDHOD rocks !!!! mast prof hai bidu :)))))))
BTW....job time for me... so wish me luck :)

naween said...

bahut badaa comment hone waala hai...

claustrophobic-and-sweater!! mast!!

knowing nothing about a supposedly ready project? ask me? have a report all ready on the TSP but know nothing more than the definition of the problem. and i too am banking on the fact that all prof in my panel turn out to be ignorant.

"chaaku bhonk doongi"!! hahahahahahaha! chambal ki chudail, is it?? in that fest of yours, arrange a duel between tbdhod and this dignified lady. mazaa aayega!! sabse popular event hoga.

and it shows how many reports you've been writing of late. all those x.x section numbers [:P]

crajee ram pyari, the BLOGGER.

Shekhar said...

Dear Ram Pyari ji,

Why in heaven's name do you keep asking (not to mention, to the same waiter) how big the 8 inch pizza is??

As far as dealing with your HOD is concerned...I'm very happy to note that the Jeeves stories have been having the required effect. ;)

Shekhar said...

Hey, I left a message for you on my blog's shoutbox. Please do respond. :)