Thursday, November 23, 2006

Another broken dream..
As the key to the VA section changes, the changes happening are such that my total score has nose dived.

so, in all probability, I say good bye to a dream I had been nurturing for over 2 years and slogging for for the past 8 months.

All those all india double digit ranks in VA in almost each AIMCAT and each SIMCAT I wrote and now my VA score.

Why does this always happen with me. When I wrote JEE ,I had decided that I will never let that happen to me again..but naah...someone up there has a major problem with me.

Do I feel like getting up and studying for the next MBA entrance Exam?

Do I feel like studying for the end sems ?

Do I feel like ever openeing a book again?

I am angry, at myself for not having delivered at the right time.
I am kinda upset that poeple who were doing terribly all throughout are getting better scores than I am
I am sad coz once again I have to let go of naother dream.

Zindagi ki yehi reet hai...
kahi haar , kahi jeet hai...


Adarsh said...

Come on Ruchi..... don't feel sad.... U never know..... this time sabki saans VA mein atki hui hai..... kuchh bhi ho sakta hai.....
And Dreams do come true.... provided u pursue them.... believe me.... experience se bol rahe hain.....
DON'T GIVE UP.... JO HOTA HAI ACCHE K LIYE HOTA HAI..... let the results come in.....
Take Care

naween said...

arre, don't be sad. there's absolutely no guarantee of any of these predictions being all correct. i went through CL, TIME, and IMS sites and their english answers were as different as could be, especially in the inference/judgment section. nobody knows what the CAT people will take as the right answers. all's not lost yet!

Arindam Mukherjee said...

I empathised with you while reading this post....this cat has has favoured the underdogs to the hilt,what with serious favorites under-performing and no hopers cracking it big time.
Even as XAT and end sems loom round the corner,i've decided to give CAT a shot next time 'round.....maybe u too shd bury the hatchet and start preparing for nxt yr!!

aMyth! said...
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aMyth! said...

Hey, c'mon. Don't give up. Not so easily. Dreams, whatever they are, are always worth pursuing. Take this from a guy who's discarded a whole decade of his life (crucial years that too), just to pursue his dream. And am proud to say, even though I havn't reached the destination, am on the right track :) So relax. Chase your dream instead. It's definitely worth it.

Shekhar said...

It is one thing to predict the future (based on solid facts) and another to presume what the future is gonna be like.

Chill, sweet girl. Wait for events to unfold, as they must.


latika said...

arre raam pyari....
itna zyada sochogi to raam ko pyari ho jaogi
kuch raam par bhi chod do !
dont assume stuff yaar.
god is not that unfair. u've worked as hard as possibe...somewhere down the line u r gonna get ur due.and the results are not even out yet and
stop being this hard on your self

Abhishek Upadhyay said...

How much is your score?
Even I felt like this when I appeared for CAT first time.Dont lose heart.Start preparing for your Sems and after that start preparing for CAT too.
Aneways I hope you get admission in good college.

Creepa! said...

Have faith in GOD!
U've worked hard n hardwork always pays..fikar not!!
Dnt feel low..cheer up!

Suds said...

Hey Sis, I don't know much about CAT yaar. But don't worry you will do well in life. And Life is not one exam. And I hope you get admission in the college and program you want.

Thode aansu hai, thodi hasi
Aaj gham hai to kal hai khushi

shikha said...

Hi! I have been visiting your blog for quite some time now.Even i took CAT this year and I am stuck at borderline myself.I wont say that "dont ll get thru" stuff.I know how it feels .. I jus felt like posting this comment.I jus wanted to tell you that there are people on this earth who really understands how it feels but anyway , "hope" is wat we all have!good luck ! :-)

satish said...


you are going to make it.