Monday, December 25, 2006

Some people *sigh*

For the second time in the time that I have blogged, someone other than poor moi wrote on my blog instead of me.

To emulate my style of riting, the post had 2 imporatant parts.
1. It was anti-men[heheh]
2. It was overtly sensitive.

Imagine the shock I got when on openeing my blog today, I see not only a brand new post but also a very acerbic and gussa type of a comment from whoami as well...

At first I even replied to his comment but then it was absurd defending something I had not written that I started laughing out loud.
Hence the decision to remove the post.

I am a bit surprised .Bachcha khachcha are not things I have ever spoken about here, neither do I write about stuff like PMS ,yet nobody really noticed the difference.
But then the post wasnot up for a long time so I guess...

A couple of months back, my friend, a fellow blogger and I decided to write something on each others blog and see if poeple could get the difference. I had planned blogging about the whole episode as well.

Well ,as per the plan ,my friend wrote on my blog. If you guys remember it, it was a story about a witch, again he too tried to emulated my style of writing.

Many of you read it and said what a nice story it was. :P
I distictly remember A Myth being the only person who noticed some kind of a difference.


I was supposed to write a huge post on it but somehow it never happened.So when today I came face to face with another person having put up a very funny type of a post here, I had to remove it and blog about it immediately.

And yess,my style of writting is anti men, it certainly is emotional but it is also non controversial.

So chill , all those men /boys who read it.Relax your ruffled feathers.
shanti , Om Shanti.

And no, I am not giving my Id and password to ANY one now.
hehe..silly things happen.

BUhbie.and see you later.


satish said...

i must say i am disappointed. its gud sometimes to break out of the image that u are famous for, and write posts about PMSes.

Raam Pyari said...

@satish--hehhehe, i know i know...
abb hum 'brave ' nahi:P

naween said...

ab kya kahoon??


om shanti [:D]

[btw, if you use google reader, you'll know that the particular post will remain there forever!!]

aMyth! said...

i did??? :o
oh, yeah.. the one where u had photos from ur garden, right? i remember ;) no wonder u said u'll tell me something later.. heeheeh...

Raam Pyari said...

@whoami--cholly wolly li loi zalolat nahi re!

om shanti om!

@ amyth!--yesss!!!! and that was what I was talking about.Now you finally know!

Shekhar said...

Damn !! Missed the anti-men post.. ;)

And by the way, Merry Christmas to you. :)