Friday, December 29, 2006


My Mum is by far one of the most amazing women I know.She is also the kindest and the gentlest person on this planet.

There are two tiny girls who work at our place.Their Mum used to work with us but now that she keeps ill, Ma gets the house work done by her two daughters .

Ma spends the time in kitchen teaching them numbers and alphabets and even english poems as they mop the floor or whatever.

So one fine day, Shilpi, the elder of the two asked Mum what 'happy birthday' was.As Mum tried to explain to her the concept of birthdays, Shilpi said that she has never had a brithday party of her own.

So, today Mum organised Shilpi and Shalu's combined birthday party!!
7 of their bestest friends were invited for the party.
I was intially very skeptical of what was supposedly happening and quite unwilling to be part of it all.. is always the case, I hate it when Mum has to do stuff on her own, so I reluctantly gave in and helped Mum select the gift and decide on the 'menu' of the paty ;).

So at 2:30 today , all 7 of Shilpiz friends and cousins trooped in.The intial unease that all of them felt on entering an unfamiliar house was quite obvious. No one would speak much and most of them continued to stare at the floor.

But gradually as the food came out, they came out of their shells.There were biscuits ,toffees ,cakes , wafers , namkeen and what not.

Post the food, the smiling faces:) Shilpi in the yellow frock Mum gifted her, and Shalu in the pink one.

And then the aunties of the aas pass ka houses started peeping in as we all of us started clapping and cheering at random.
Infact 4 of my neighbours also came in, to join in the festivities.

And here are the two birthday girls taking the gift package [;)] which consists of brand new sweaters , scarves and hairbands for both of them.You can see the card as well, on top of the gift !

It was fun, and yess ..

My Mum Rocks!


aMyth said...

wow! that's great way to make those kids so happy :) ur mum sure rox!

btw, 2nd snap is missing yaar!!

satish said...

strangely enuf, my mom rocks too! :)

here's to all the moms, cheers!!

Kaala Kauvva said...


Babu Moshai said...

well done!!

Abhi said...

WoW ! This is so chweet . ( I know . That sounds so girly.)

Shekhar said...

Wow, looks like they did have a rollicking time!! Wonderful.. :)

Suds said...

He Sis, That is so sweet. :)

Hey Happy new year hope 2007 brings lotsa happiness in ur life. :) Enjoy..

Creepa! said...

Happpy new year diii!!!

And ur mom rocks for sure..and so does her daughter ;) !

aMyth! said...

Have a wonderful 2007...

Guess u are having fun with Niv now, eh? :) Enjoy!

Rahul... in City of Dreamz said...

hey thats really a great gesture.... really cool....

but just a very small query... the photo shows year as 2003... how come? old photo?

Adarsh said...

Hats Off to ur Mom :) .... she truly rocks !!!

Rebellion said...

Sorry bacha, late ho gayi!
Wish you a very very Happy New Year. Hope it was a nice one. May all your dreams come true dear and 2007 gets along loooooooooots of success & happiness for you :)

And yups, your mom truly rocks. I absolutely adore her for what she did. Do tell her on my behalf, she's a great lady :)

Take care,

PS: CAT results?

sanguine said...

that is so sweet .. they look so pretty n happy ..
ur mom does rocks ..
first time here , like what i see ..cheers..

Strider said...

So sweet man!
Your mom rocks! :-)

Btw, happy new year to u!!

The Avenger !!! said...

You bet your mom does !!!

The avenger bows his head in upmost respect to her !!!

Musings.. said...

I love u mom..