Friday, January 12, 2007

So, my head is basically full these days..
Infact is overflowing..
At nay point in time there are sooooooo many things that have to be done.

CAT was a disaster.
Verbal proved to be my nemesis :(
I can probbaly create a blog dedicated to CAT but will let that be..apart from that 4 results hae ben declared. Have calls from 3of them. The one exam i have no calls from is the exam i spent hours slogging for
As they say, life indeed is funny.

no creative juicies flowing.
Headache hoying.
ab hum challing!


aMyth said...

then put the CAT isn the past..
n talk about the 3 calls u got..
coz, IS funny! :)

hey, empty ur head of unwanted stuff. or headache will become a routine

Rebellion said...

ditto @ Amyth!
Concentrate on the 3 calls you got dear...

Best of Luck,
Take care,

PritS said...

Look you have got 3/4 as success rate. That is very good. All the best with the preparations.

Anonymous said...

you didn't deserve to get in anyways :) hv been following ur blog for some time and i seriously feel that u need to grow up... and get laid :)