Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I know I disappear from blogospere with a regularity that surprizes even me.
In my defence I have to say that although I am online for the better part of the day, it is with the GD/PI prep that I find myself busy with.

At times I find myslef having a good time with all this but then having faced so many rejects it gets scary when my mind wanders to that day when[if it hapens this way only] I shall come face to face with another reject..I dunno.. I try to keep that out of mind..coz mebbe that is what is called as 'negative energy' and one should stay as away from it as possible.

Anywayz..in the past few days I almost got married!!
Apparently this is supposed ot be personal but I dont find it personal at all...[okay , I am weird, hence proved] but then imagine me [ME!!!!!] talking to some IITian with some Mtech degree working with Microsoft in the U.S of A giving him gobe like 'errr well you see, I really have not thought about marriage at all right now, MBA is such a big dream for me, I do want to study blah blah blah'
I have actually done that..gosh it was bloddy weird.
What happened was that the guy's dad spoke to my Mum and then the guy called and then I was made to speak to him[!!!!!!!!!!!! aatyachaaarr]
so, there I was, least interested in him, using the very useful excuse of MBA , stalling the inevitable.
The guy was some kind of phd in globe as well!!! Toh he gave me gyaan on how much beter it will be for me to do my MBA from one of the top instis in the USA etc etc

Well..it was funny, and in my own way I made it very clear to him that I was genuinely not intersted.

So, that came to end.
But it was funny I would go to Mum and continoulsy threaten her with suicide if she took matters any further.
Anywayz... for the time being things are okay..and no I am not getting married[jeeez mannn yeh sabb kya drama hota rehta hai!]
abhi me goes back to GD/PI work..
need to get thru MBA *sgh*
aatyachaars on abla naari!!


Rebellion said...

Hi bachaaaaaaaaa,
I take the GOLD

Now lemme read & get back :D

Take care,

Rebellion said...

ROFLLLLL Ruchi @ your last statement!!!

I mean almost married?!!
'Ladka dekho' sorry 'SUNO' ceremony??
Suicide threats??
LOL.. sach mein drama hehehe. Glad you're out of it. All the best for your MBA :)

Take care,

PS: Mubarak ho! Aapki bhi ladka dekho ceremony start ho gayi! Sigghhh, ek aur ladki bali chadegi :P:P:P hehhee

Raam Pyari said...


nahi nahi nahi nahi
mein shaaadi nahi karungiiiiiiii!!!!
mum nd dad force karnge toh bhag jaongi ghar se..anyways..ek drama tha khatam hua :P

and howz u!!!!
hows married life treating u?

PritS said...

badhai ho badhai..
suicide threats - dangerous. :)

Adarsh said...

Ssssssshhhhhhhhhaaaaaadddddiiiiiiiii !!!!!!!!!!!
Child-marriage to ban hai naa ..... mom-dad ko yaad dila do .... he he
abhi to khelne-koodne ke din hain....kahan ye ghar-grihasti ka jhanjhat !!!
good that u avoided it.
And all the best for ur MBA :)
and haan.....
naari-utpeedan nahin chalega..... kabhi zaroorat ho to boliyega..... poora morcha le ke pahuch jayenge :)))))))

aMyth said...

u know, i think it's the right time for u to get married!!!
HAHA.. ok ok..just kidding.

Well..all the best to u for MBA!
Going on a short vacation :)

Rebellion said...

LOL Ruchi,
Bhaag kar kahan jaogi?? Mumbai aa jana :P

My life's going good.. Cool as ever :)

Take care,

Indranil said...

Mubarak ho....mithai bhej dena...
Waise isnt MBA= Microsoft Bana Aadmi (Bihari style for pati)

Creepa! said...


Anonymous said...

gud post...waise i have read earlier also...u dont ever miss a chance of screwing IITians...itni bhi kya dushmani hai yaar?...bechaare padai se aise hi pareshaan rehte hai...aur tum unki aur leti rehti ho!

Raam Pyari said...

@prits--zenkyu harega:D

@adarsh--baal vivah!!!
*breaks into uncontrollable tears*
mein chup ke baithu nahi toh Amar singh hi meri shaadi karwadega!

zenkyu fer the best wishes.

@rebellion--heheh..haan munbhai hi bhafg karr aati hu, aap mujhe rehne ke liye ek chat and khane ke liye doh roti plz deh dijiyega!

@indranil--// MBA= Microsoft Bana Aadmi

nahi chahiye koi microsoft!

@creepa--tujhe hasi aa rahi hain*maxxx stern luk*
abhi ruk!
teri bhi shaadi karwati hu!

@anon--nahi ji, nuthing against apana IITians:D
aap bhi IITian hi lagate ho?:P

Anonymous said...

haanji madam..sahi pehchana aapne...waise aajkal apne aapko iitian reveal karna khatro se khaali nahi hai :P...either sabaashi milti hai yaa fir gaaliyan...beech ka kuch nahi :DDD

Rebellion said...

Arre bacha, aap aao toh sayi. Aisi aisi cheezein khilaungi ke aapka vaapas jaane ka dil hi nahi karega but chutti par aana haan, bhaag ke nahi :P

Take care,

Raam Pyari said...

@ANON--hahah..mein iitains ki rag rag pehchanane lagi hu!:D
ek comment likhatein hain nd mein samajh jati hu ki banda IIT ka hain ya nahi!
*maxxxx smug luk*
waise aap kaun se IIT mein padh rahe hain?

@aarti di--;))
deal rahi.
hum jabhi mumbhai ayenge tab aap maxxx achcha sakhana khilayengi!
*rushes to get the tickets bukd!*