Saturday, December 23, 2006

23rd of December , 2006.

I divide today into two halves.
The first one was so up late, helped Ma at home, read a lot and after a long time was feeling soo relaxed..

The second started with a call from an uncle congratulating me.
My first 'call'....
IIFT calls me :), am one of the 1117 people IIFT has called for GD/PI...

Totally unexpected..but its ossummm..I never believed I will get a single call but atleast that is not going to happen now!!

Today morning was so was sucha refreshing change that I cannot even begin to describe it...
Things have so hectic for such a long time now.Infact I think I had more time on my hands before CAT ...cuz then I had started pretending that I am not doing Btech.Had simply stopped studying opr bothering with it.

It was only once CAT was over, and I had dutifully messed it up that I woke up...exams were just round the corner and nothing had been done.Hell, I was not even sure of the names of some of my courses.

So, I had effectively one and half weeks to prepare for the end sems[generally I keep the last week for the 2nd or the 3rd revision, ahem].

Add to that the fact that I had to make unlimited submissions , complete innumerable assginments, give presentaions, get files made, give vivae, write some pending mid sems, get project topics finalised..and all that blah...all that and 2 MBA entrance exams to be appear for just 2 days before the end sems began..

Two days before the exams began, I spent an entire day rushing from one centre to the other giving MBA entrances and wondering if any of it was worth it.

There were times I just broke down and cried coz of the sheer pressure I was under.The amount of work that was alwayz there to be done scared and frightened me no end.

Another thing was that all through the 7 semesters I have here, I have been on the receiving end of only appreciation from proffz, but here was one semester when none of this happened.
Infact, one proff even asked me how many marks I feel he should give me considering the fact that I had hardly attended any of his classes.
In another case after I gave a presentation, the proff asked my was nt there in the register.
Coz I had not even attended a single class...[very few classes actually took place but people in general had atleast 3 presents]
Jeez maan, they atleast had their names on the list.

So began my exams...It seemed as if an unending ocean of exams stretched before were hardly prepared and was badly scared.

There were moments when I just wanteda day's just relax and unwind , to have no worry..but well...honey, when your books have not been touched and you have an exam the next day, a long relaxing break may not be sucha gud idea..

So, I worked and worked and worked...and finally yesterday my exams came to an end.
Today was therefore the most relaxed I have felt in ages....
Snug and warm amongst ancient and friendly razaaiz i relished this morning as no other...

However by mid day , the IIFT results were put up. It is ossum to have someone call you up with a 'congratullllllaaaaaaationnnnnnnnnssss'
and you are like,"thankyou but...errrr..for what??"

Anywayz..I have messed up most of my exams as results will tell ..I will keep you guys posted..will share the good and the bad news coz you guys have been there with me all throughout.

Am going back to my book now:)


Abhi said...

Thats as cool as an eskimo yar.all the best.and am sorry , cudnt reply to your earlier mail.kuch help main kar sakun , to bata dio.I know some fresh passouts of IIFT , if you need it.have fun.

satish said...

congratulations! just saw your name on the list, feels gud!

naween said...

CONGRATS!! lage raho!!

Raam Pyari said...

@abhi-- The first IIM guy who ahs not said something like ' err..what exactly is IIFT?'

hehehe..anywayz..thanks yaar and e-mail ki koi tension nahi...i understand people can be busy with other stuff, toh cool hai sabb:)

@satish---naam bhi dekh liya:))...that means mera naam bhi pata hai apko!:P

lage rahiyye!:P

@whoami---zenkyu:) am releived , very kehne koh ek call toh ho gayi!

satish said...

cudnt help but think kee ladkiyan kitna tension leti hain! ;-s

Abhi said...

oye carlos ,I myself got a call fro IIFT . dilli ka munda hoon , IIFT kaise na janunga ?

Shekhar said...

Jhakaas !!! Congratulations..

Couldn't stop myself from going to the IIFT website and checking out the PDF file for myself. :D Feeling v. happy for you...

Congratulations once again...

Raam Pyari said...

@satish---yaar ladkiyon ka nahi pata, but khud mein boht tension leti hu:P

@abhi---oyee!!! aapki bhi call thi!!
waahWAaah!! I am honoured:D

@shekhar--aaah...isase proove hota hai ki jhooth nahi bolna chahiye ..heheh..I know i know..meine bhi khud das bees baar wahan ja karr apana naam dekha..It loks so pretty sitting there.:P

Shreyansh said...


Hard work always pays off in some or the other way!! :)

All the Best.

Raam Pyari said...

CAT nahi toh IIFT hi sahi!

ATB to u too for the results

thewebdon said...

Congs for the calls! Convert them all! :)