Friday, December 22, 2006

Miracles do happen

Yess they do.

Some of my regular readers might recollect a very emotional post I had written about my brother...things had gone horribly wrong for him, and they were most unfair...
They did not make sense..not at all..
Okay maybe the stuff was not as big, but then I guess it was...

Anywayz, the post had too much of myself and my brother and I later removed it.
The point here is that there was little or mebbe no hope of things correcting themselves..
It had never happened before.

I cannot give the details here , as it is his life and his problem...but I will say that the past 2 months had been rotten for my brother.
I swayed between guilt trips and rotten lows thinking about him..

Guilt trips coz suddenly, apparently I had much more than him and lemme tell you I hated every bit of it.

Yesterday, a quiet evening at home was transformed into one of the tremendest of excitements.
One simple call from Banglore.
and everything thing changed.

It is a miracle.It has never happened before..there is no precedent for this.
My brother got star treatment yesterady night.
The celebrations at his med school began at 5:30 and finished at 2.
He got soo many messages that he had to simply delete loads w/o reading them coz others had to be accepted in the inbox.

I have been smiling since 5 yesterday..I have not been able to believe that this has happened.

I am grinning from ear to the happiest i have ever been simply coz my brother is happy:)

This is nothing short of a miracle.
I witnessed a miracle:)

Will put up a readable post tomm night if my link is working!

P.S. Missed you , blog!


games bond said...

kaisee see hai tu

Anonymous said...

Aww... good for you. And your brother. I will tell you two things about life -
a) It is never worst, there is always scope for it to get nastier.
b) If it is getting nasty, it will start improving sometime soon.

PS We missed you too! :)

Anonymous said...


whers the party tonite?

aMyth! said...

true. miracles do happen. though sometimes u feel like hating the whole world, the miracle changes everything.
i need one too, soon. a part of my life has gone down. anyways..
happy for u and bhai :)

well, now i guess we can xpect more posts ;)

R said...

@games---jee main toh achchi hu, but aap kaun hai? hum bakk hai!!!
and yess you are correct..the point is that u hope for b but often 'a' happens!

sad story tab hoti hai!

@satish--hehe..woh karra hai party-sharty!
humare toh exams khatam hue hain and I am on a perpetual high when tht happens!

@the myth---kyunn?? kya hua??
If you need a miracle , it will happen..just help others as much as you will come back..
someone somewhere will make it happen for you:)
Yess , abb bak to regular blogging!

Unknown said...

Mubaarkaan bacha :)
Miracles defly do happen, if you believe in them :)

Hows you doing dear and hows life?

Take care,

PS: U were missed too :)