Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Bad Memories

Earlier when I used to chance upon blogs which vaguely spoke of the sensex, I would lovingly press the tiny 'X' on the top right of the screen.But now, when I see the words sensex/FDI/Retail etc etc I give a whoop of joy, my face lights up and my joy knows no bounds.

As they say, life is funny.

The TIME guys apparently want me to give mock inetrviews with collar microphones , so that the entire interview can be recorded and I will get a decent idea about voice modulation and all the related blah.Jeez mann, If that was not enogh ,the second mock interview will be recorded on camera!!


I think I will be more comfortable just going for the silly interview for IIFT and messing it up rather than doing all these funny things and then messing it up!

Talking about the camera it strikes me that I have never blogged about a phase , a very important one, of my life.

The time when I was a regular face on the regional Doordarshan channel.

Err...okay , I was not exactly regular..umm...well..okay, I just did a two minute thing on Doordarshan but the important thing is that I was on tv!!!
It all started with my Mum who was actually a regular face on Doordarshan at that time.So one fine day, one of her directors suddenly decided that he wanted to start an extremely silly distance education program during the summer vacations.

Haah! Which child in a remote corner of the state ,after watching 'Turrrum Turrrum' the parrot(?) for half an hour would get mighty enthu about the addition of fractions and sit and watch any educational program for 2 hours.

Anyways, as they also say, this world is based on hopes.Even mighty stupid and silly ones.

So, the director[ who was ,a couple of years later ,sent to prison for taking bribes offered, btw!] had fancy ideas.
And to put his deadly plan in action he needed to advertise the educational program .And for that he needed 2 teenagers, preferably a boy and a girl.
And he shared this with my Mum.


Now any woman who has two teenaged children, one boy and one girl ,will get certain ideas into her head on hearing this.
And this is exactly what happened with my Mum. We must not blame her per se for this , mebbe it was the 'maa ka pyaar' which made her do this.

So a few days later, in a small dark room, balancing precariously on our respective stool sat my brother and I.
I was told to look into the camera in front of me and to not shake my head so much and say the following lines:

Kya aapko apani padhai yaad aa rahi hai? kya aap saath ke bachcho se aagey nikala chahate hai ?*smug , superior luk*
Agar haan , to aaiyye hamare saath , apane vichar hame bataiyye, bataiyye aap kya dekhna chahate hai yahan parr.
Agar aap likhatein hai , to apni kahaniyaan hame bhejiye.
Agar aap chitra banate hai toh apane rang birange chitra hame bhejiye.
aapka aur hamara lamba aur sundar saath rahega.

To hame patra likhye.
Hamra pata hai
blah blaha blah blah
shunya shunya chaar shunya shunya cheh.

Yess I have actually done that 'shunya shunya shunya char' crap X(

However the worst part was the fact that all throughout the one hour I was fumbling to get those stupid lines correct while making the stupidest of mistakes, my Dad was in the other room watching every bit of it!

Jeez yaar.

Okay the even worse part was yet to come. The next day I went to collect my cheque *coy, smug luk*.
The guy who was riting the cheque asked me my name.When I told him that he took up and a pen and started riting on the blank cheque.
He began with 'K'.

Ekta Kapoor had not happened by then and I had little knowledge of how important a part of the daily soap diet of the ammaz of the entire nation this letter would soon become .Hence I had little respect for this noble letter 'k' being used when my name officially began with an 'R'.

"Arrrrreeeeee!!!!! Abhi bataya toh!!!My name is Ruchi M."
*followed by a maxxx superior look*

The guy gave me disgusted look and continued writting.

I conituned to look at the cheque as he wrote the following words :

Kumari Ruchi M.

Double Jeez

Enough of bad memories for a day.


satish said...

ha ha.

I have watched DD my whole life (at least wen i was a kid) and didnt see you two. what a waste! And had guessed the 'K' thing. how much did you earn btw?

aMyth said...

hey, RP.. is this post supposed to be made by someone else? or are u just trying out a different style of writing? :o

Raam Pyari said...

@satish--hehee..i think it was 300 buckz:P

but it was als my first cheque!

@the myth--haww!!!
abb sabb darr gaye:))
Its me only no more surprises!

Shekhar said...

//Kumari Ruchi M..

ROFL !! Trust govt. organisations to live up to their name..and reputation.

Rebellion said...

//"Kumari Ruchi M.
Double Jeez"
LOLL Ruchi! But didn't understand, whats really bad at that???

Alle bacha, aapke mehnat ki pehli kamaai.. when you were a teenager?? Thats cooooooool. Isi baat par ek parrrty ho jaaye :D

Take care,

PS: All the best for your interviews bacha. Just leave the nervousness aside, ul do great :)

aMyth said...

aahh.. ok.. but it's a lot different from ur usual style, u know.. the lesser use of three dots (...), use of italics, lesser use of "shortcut" words.. so was wondering if u making it look like someone else posted it. heeheeh..

games bond said...

(gababr istyle)


naween said...

i watched every episode of that 'turrum tuuu' series [:P]. i liked that monkey [:D] and the tiger too!!

and i think i vaguely remember the part you spoke about. but you know how it is, people come across someone 'famous' and they look for incidents when they might actually have come across their favorite 'stars' [:D :D]

ATB for the interviews, btw. and an extra ton of luck for the 'mock' ones [:P]

Creepa! said...

Hiiii diiiiii...kaise ho???????

first of all sorrrrryyy for being sooo lazy to comment on earlier posts (okay!daant lo!):D!!

secondly,change ur blogger name to kumari raam pyari..hehehahah rhymes :P!

gudluck hai! :D

did u nt include "Doordarshan dwara jan-hit mein jaari!" in ur super duper mastt speech?! :D

Anonymous said...

Kumari Ruchita... kya yeh video hume you tube par milega?

Di said...

god!!! really ggod!!! u actually said that stuff?!!!!! :O and the guy wrote a Kumari ?! of all things?! really ggoddd!!

Abhishek Upadhyay said...

Oh you were in Turrum tuu...I used to watch it regularly coz my dad had removed Cable connection and it was one of the few things we used to get to watch on Sunday Morning.
By the way still turum tu is comes on DD(repeat telecast)..I think its on DD gyan darshan.I came acrosss while surfing channel.