Thursday, February 24, 2011

Too less!

I manage a full time job, a house and my first book is getting published soon. So as you can imagine I should have a lot of work. And yes, I am getting busier by the day but I still feel the need to do more.

No, not the need to achieve more but the need to do more. I get very weird when I come home and have a few hours to myself. I just want to be doing something constructive and useful all the time. Is that normal?

I have been working VERY hard the last few years. There were always a couple of balls in the air. Hell! nine days before my wedding I was giving the TOEFL exam and was checking my result at the airport on my way to my Maldives where I went for my Honeymoon.

While I was working in India ( right after B school), I was juggling a new Sales job plus GMAT prep plus TOEFL prep plus my own wedding prep! Trust me that was a handful.

When I was coming to London ( about 1.5 months after my wedding), the night before I was uptill 2-3 in the morning. Doing what? submitting my PHD application to London Business School! I remember submitting it like 3 hours before leaving India for the UK. The new bride in the in laws house spent all her time in front of the lap top working on some weird marketing concept!

Life in London is easier. This is the first time I do not have an exam to write. I have realised how addicted I have been to exams. It just gives purpose to my life, without that I feel rather lost. So much so that some days back I decided that I should give the IAS exams, go back to India and do something constructive for my country. But finally after some thought I decided against it. Most of my family breathed a sigh of relief. They did not want the mad crazy about to give an exam me around them :P

Anyways, so this is how things stand. I am looking for bigger challenges something that gives me the familiar rush of seeing my name at the top of the result page in college.

Maybe I am plain crazy. Yes that should explain things. Crazy, thats what I am :P



Pepper said...

This post left me feeling rather inadequate. I am exactly the opposite of what you've described. Lethargy runs in my blood and I love doin nothing. I wonder why I don't care to 'achieve' anything. I like my life being laid back.

PS - Your book is getting published? You're an author? Wow! Congratulations! :)

Calvin said...

Didn't know about the book, congrats. What is it about?

Also, its the education system and lack of seats (and opportunities) that make people wanting to excel in exams. To some extent I too suffer from something similar. Just to get rid of the habit, you can start taking some of those funny quizzes on FB :)

Calvin said...

On a completely different note, why is it that most of the guys I know end up in Maldives/Mauritius/Swiss for their honeymoon (me included)? Gosh, people need to think differently.

Calvin said...
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Anonymous said...

BOOK??? I have been an avid reader of your blog and been following it since forever.and if i am not wrong you have never mentioned a book before.So i guess its your first book.great news!!would love to read it.just let me knw when its can post the cover of the book here for all of us to see!! :))

Ruchira said...

wow ! you sure do a lot of things ! But one sure fire way to stay young to keep doing and learnign new things ! I wish I had even half of your energy !

Neena S said...

Gosh! Can there really be someone like you? I thought most people are like me, lazy and happiest when with nothing to do. I feel so incompetent after reading this post. :(

Oh well! We are different people. I feel so happy when I have nothing to do and can read a book or try a new recipe! To each his own! :D

Bikramjit said...

hmmm I dont think i can ever study now .. i was useless then also but now i will be zzzzzzzzzzing if i have to sit for a exam..

I too keep myself busy proper full time job and then another one on the side so busy busy busy ...

I will probably sleep if i had free time :)


Tanishka said...

Your own book... That sounds great... let us know when it comes, would love to read it... :)
You are seriously a super women... :)

Kavs said...

Best wishes for your BOOK! :)

Till last year i was just like you - thinking of registering for an exam right after writing one. Only after my mom told me to take it easy for a while did i stop! :)

Neha said...

I am also soooo busy, but because I consider 'sleeping' as one of the task (which i love to do) lol :D
I think I am exactly opposite to what you described.. Lethargy and procrastination are my synonyms. And though I did well in school, grad school, work etc, if given a chance, I would just quit everything and laze around!!
Kudos to the book! congrats :)

Anonymous said...

Woah! I need a break after reading all of this.

Congratulations on the book :)

Purba said...

You are kidding me - there exists someone who loves giving exams!!

Who are you - superwoman!

But I do relate to it somehow. I may crib all the time that I have too much on my hands. But the day I have some free time, I feel lost.

Me, I thrive on challenges :)

Harsha said...

Ohhhh! I LOVE exams. Love that last minute struggles and the anxiety to know our results. Literally you are a great woman. Great efforts. Keep going and enjoy more challenges :D

Raam Pyari said...

@pepper- thats abs will never have heart trouble :P *touch wood* and yes this is going to be my first book!

@calvin- hmm..i actually agree with you. Its the ducation excel you need to eat, drink, sleep your goals (there is so much competition) so you end up becoming like me.

abt the honeymoon destinations ...hmmm...maldives and mauritius because they are closer ( and hence cheaper:P) and switzerland thanks to yash raj films? What say?

@anon- yes, I have been rather quiet about the book. Ofcourse you all will have all the details, keep watching this place ;)

@ruchira- thanks :) multi task- thats my survival mantra...though i wish i could learn how to take it easy!

@neena- ofcourse! And i wish i could be like that....thats the reason for the post. I am neurotic. Its out in the open now.

@bikram- ahahhahaha yes! sleeping is a very very nice thing! *runs to her bed*

@tanishka- Many thanks:) will keep you guys updated about the book on the readers will be the first ones to know :)

@kavs- my Mom keeps saying that to me all the time....and i wish i could start taking it easy...but years and years of doing the same thing have made it a habbit now :(

@neha- hahah..that sounds like a lovely lovely life! and thanks for your wishes about the book. will keep you updated.

@life- oh no! is it that bad?:( thanks for your wishes for the book :)

@Purba- welcome to the blog! and i think you have put it very well- thriving on challenegs!

Raam Pyari said...

@harsha- thanks for your comment:) and no not a great woman at all. Just extremely neurotic! :P

Anonymous said...

Wow! I am glad to have stopped by this space at the right time. I said right time cause of two reasons:
1) Cause I got to learn that you're all set to release your first book...congratulations :D
2) Am not the only frantic,insomniac,running around with tasks to accomplish and perfect attitude. Having read your post made me feel sooooo good to have company :)
Good luck in all your future endeavors.

Dee said...

Dear Lord!!! This sounds so much like my eldest son! He is so addicted to being busy, studying and such things! It worries me actually! :(

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

You are good, at juggling stress with both your hands, most of the time I'd rather shut down first and then take all in, one by one, one at a time.
Best wishes with being on the top of the list.
Nice read.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Trish said...

woww!!soo cool! Congratulations on getting your book published!
And after reading this post..I feel so inadequate..I am going thru that phase for the last 10 days.. feeling like I am doing nothing in my life..:P
And I am still doing nothing about it..wait the only thing I did was-go and get a jigsaw puzzle!!*rolling eyes*

Preeti said...

Glad you stopped by my blog! Now I am addicted to yours! :)
You are writing a book? That's would be a dream come true for me. Some day.

Dee said...

oops! I didn't get that at the first read so here's wishing you all the best for your book!!! :D

dipali said...

A long time since I wrote any exams, but I did enjoy the challenge of my college exams. (Not school, though).
Looking forward to your book.

Vidya said...

Am already feeling dizzy at the impressive list you have put up there. And I sound the exact opposite:) The tasks are actually two hands full:) Keep it up!!

me said...

same pinch. i am studying for exams all the time or writing a job application.

currently sitting wth GMAT books open and dreaming of getting into top business schools - but instead of concentrating on books, here I am reading your blog.

do u study at LBS??

and your book is getting pubsihed?/ Congratulations.

Kavya said...

Wow.. congratulations for the book..

Wish I was atleast 50% active like you. I dont know, I am always a lazy bum, just sitting idle. When I am in Office, I think of so many things to do, but once I land in house, everything will just go for a toss and finally I end up sitting idle.

I dont know how to get rid of thse laziness. Just give me some tips, for utilizing my free time :P

Always Happy said...

Hello Raam Pyari, i dont mind giving exams too and I pursue one course after the other...but i never make it to the top of list.

Good luck to you.

Congratulations for the book

Raam Pyari said...

@dialogue- welcome! no time can be wrong for visiting a blog :P

@Dee- My mum gave up on me a couple of centuries ago :P

@blasphemous- I so wish i knew the other way of life...but i dont...maybe someday....

@trish- no no, thats also really good! I wish I could take breathers...I envy you!

@Preeti let me know when you decide to write yours. I will give you the gyaan :P

@dee- Thank you. will keep you guys updated on that front.

@Dipali- Thanks a ton!:)

@Vdya- thanks! look at the title of the post! I am mad :(

Raam Pyari said...

@ me- nopes, made it to the final 4 but did not get through. I work now.

@kavya- first you give me some tips for becoming lazy! then i will give you tips on how you can become a crazy woman like me!


@always hapy- thanks for stopping by and for your wishes :)

caterpillar said...

Hey I see that you've got a break from exams...I handed over the Stylish Blogger Award to would be great if you would accept it....:)

Hamarivani said...

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nightflier said...

congrats for the book!! :)
and all this is very impressive considering you are below 30! keep up the good work!