Friday, February 04, 2011

Birthday :)

So 2nd of Feb, I turned another year older. *Sigh* While the lead up to the birthday was not too good (Sid informed me that he would be travelling to Paris that day), the day itself turned out to be really lovely.

Sid woke me at mid night with a lovely cake (okay, not a full cake but 4 slices of chocolate cake with a gazillion candles on it! But hey, things not perfect are generally things charming!)

Here is a pic of the cake! And no,I have not cut it yet. Thats the whole cake!

He also gifted me a moon pig card which had some million pics of me on the outside and some lovely lines inside. Ofcourse I alter found that the lovely lines had been lifted from the internet but again, I found that cute too!

Anyways, now coming to the day itself.So many lovely things happened. A colleague of mine, who is actually 10 years older to me and has been working for 14 years now, took me out for lunch. We just went to Pret to get a work lunch but then we were like, lets make it exciting! Lets have a sit in lunch. So we sat in Pret and talked and ate. It was just so lovely and I was truly touched by her thoughtfulness.

Then there is this other office friend whom I had helped sometime back. He had promised to get me chocolates for that ( since I dont drink and he could not think of any other way of saying thank you . When I went in office, he was there standing with a box of chocolates for me.

I was like, 'oh my God, its my birthday today!'. He hugged me and wished me a happy birthday and we had a good laugh about the co incidence.

My sister in law sent me lovely flowers at work.

And once I came back home and got a few quiet minutes to myself, I was just so happy. Just genuinely happy for no apparent reason.

Sid came back at around 8:15 pm. Since we were not together the whole day ( and he is taking me birthday shopping tomorrow) he wanted to get me something, even if it was really small. He took the last bit quite seriously and got me ear rings from Paris that cost him 3.75 euros!

But I love those ear rings! Never mind the price!

But that was not all. So by that time I was exhausted and I did not feel like going for the dinner Sid and I had planned. I was dreaming about an ordered take away but Sid kept insisting that we should go out. While we were discussing that, the bell rang.

I opened the door to see my best friend, N standing there with this HUGE cake in her hands. She and her BF had come to surprise me! And surprise me they did. We cut the cake, N's Bf smeared it on my face ( how can we complete the day without that ritual!)and we all hogged on the absolutely LOVELY cake! (Red Velvet, a semi favourite, as nothing can take the place of chocolate)

So then we all went out to have dinner. And that was lovely too.It was bang in the middle of the week and everyone had come back from work. There were all tired but had taken out time to make my day special.....I was so touched.

It was a lovely birthday :) Now you know why.


adarsh said...

Happy Birthday :)

Rohini said...

Happy belated birthday!

the girls from the land of dreams said...

Belated happy Birthday Ruchita. Wishing you all the very best

naween said...

i love the arrangement of the cake slices. almost like a mini-heart :)

Sucheta said...

Happy birthday :)
Quite a day you had.. yay!
Thanks for stopping by :)

Raam Pyari said...

adarsh- thank you :)

Rohini - thanks :)

The girls- thanks :)

naween- yes the top half of a heart! lols!

sucheta- thanks...will keep droping by to yours for sure.

Kavya said...

Belated Happy Birthday.. Surprizes are always fun isnt it.. Good to know that you had a wonderful Birthday :) Keep smiling :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Ruch!

Anonymous said...

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t said...

All of it sounds so lovely! Glad you had a fun birthday! Belated wishes to you :)

Raam Pyari said...

kavya- thanks...what is a bithday without a surprise? :)

Anon- thanks :)

T- Thanks :)

DI said...

Belated Happy birthday! :D

dipali said...

What a wonderful birthday that was!