Thursday, February 10, 2011

The story of my Teeth

So each year till I finished engineering I would go to a new dentist. My mother would force me into going to one.

My Mom was convinced that there was something wrong with my teeth, something that she could not quite lay her hands on but definitely something wrong. The smile was not quite nice, the way I closed my mouth was not the way it should have been etc etc

But unfortunately no dentist seemed to agree. Year after year, the different dentist we went to said that nothing was wrong with my teeth. Okay, so we nodded our heads and mom ticked off another dentist from her list. The perfect dentist was still at large. If only Mum kept trying hard enough, we would find him one day. The dentist who would agree that there was something wrong with my teeth.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

There sure is.

One fine day, Mum found him. That was last year of engineering. I had gotten through Bschool and was generally very happy with life. I should have known that happiness does not last too long.

I went to him with my Dad after Mum made the appointment.

He gave my teeth one look and said ‘ All gadbad’

I gasped.

‘We need to take out 2 teeth’, the dentist said flatly.

‘No!’, I said sitting up in protest.

‘Yes’, said the dentist pushing me back again.

‘When can we do this?’, asked my Dad.

‘Today’, said the dentist pulling out something that resembled a screw driver.

‘No!’, I said sitting up in protest yet again.

‘Yes’, said the dentist pushing me back yet again.

‘Let me call Mummy’, said Dad intelligently. When in doubt, call the wife. I wish
Sid would realize that as well. Anyways, coming back to the story.

‘Yes, lets call Mummy’, I said hopefully.

So Dad called Mummy and told her that the dentist wanted to pull out my teeth and give me braces for 5 months. Well in time for B school. The conversation took 3 seconds. I gather mum leaped with joy, pumped her fists in the air and screamed a ‘Just do it!’.

Well so the teeth were taken out. Two from the lower jaw. The dentist told me to eat loads of ice cream. The only thing he said that I approved of. Happy with that atleast I went home with cotton stuffed where my teeth had been.

Mum gave me the Royal treatment for the next two days. She had not been so happy even when I had converted B school. Some 2 days later when I could open my mouth easily, Mum and I were discussing things and life.

She said something and I smiled.

‘WHATTT!’, shrieked Mum.

‘Huh?’, said I.

‘Whats happened to your lower dentures?’

‘He took out 2teeth, that’s what’s happened!’, I said now confused.

‘Two from the lower?’, gasped my Mum.

‘Yes, Daddy asked you also’, I said

‘No, but Lower was absolutely fine! I wanted to set the upper denture right!!’

Wow. So because of that I spent the first 1 year of Bschool with white ceramic
braces. Only thing was they coloured yellow when I ate something that had turmeric in it. So many people thought I had perpetually yellow teeth and suggested that I should brush more regularly.

Such is the unfairness of life


Prathima said...

Dentist must be running low on cash that day;)

Kavya said...


Totally loved this post :)

Raam Pyari said...

Prathima- lols! yeah maybe!

Kavya- glad you enjoyed it :) thanks!

Anonymous said...

My my did you finally get all your teeth aligned to your mum's liking in due course of time??
Loved your narration :)
Keep up the good work :)

Pepper said...

Lol.. This was funny.. reminded me of the story of my nose... will probably write about it someday

dipali said...

Was you mother happy with the end result? Were/are you????

caterpillar said... mom used to be after my life as well...she won...and I got braces....:(

priyanka said...

Wow liked the way you put it. :)

Shubhika Taneja said...

Very nicely written! Amusing and refreshing, keep up the good work!

Nisha said...

wowww.. i have the worst teeth in the world. I'm glad ur mum is not my mum :D

DI said...

Hahahaha! Oh God. What do I say :D

Raam Pyari said...

Dialogue- nopes..mum is still not happy :P and thanks for the encouragement. It matters a lot :)

Pepper- OMG, did you get surgery!! lols! do write and lemme know- would love to read what you have to say.

Deepali- Mum is not. I was always happy with my teeth :)

Caterpillar- dont mums always win somehow. Braces are OK if they serve their purpose. I had them for 2 years without any good coming out of it!

Priyanka- Thanks:) keep visiting!

Shubhika- thanks :) and welcome to the blog:)

Nisha- Lols! yes!

DI- hahahhahahah you commented to say that you ccannot say much! hahhaha Glad it made you laugh. That was the purpose

Bikramjit said...

He hehe Ok now i know why some had yellow teeth in school ... oooops guess i should have know better :)


Ketaki... said...

LOL!! LOL!! ouldn't stop laughing.. Ah, I know the pain of having braces. I had one for six months on my upper jaw. It makes life hell specially when you are teen. You can't decide whats worse that or pimples.. ;)