Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pati in Poland
Or Rather Getting Pati to Poland!

Yes, so Sid is in Poland today. I am not too sure that I can give you the correct name of the city though. I think the name begins with a P and ends with a Z. However it does not matter as he has completely and point blank refused to get me anything from Poland.

Its been quite hectic these last few days and am I am tempted to take a day off just like that! To give you a snap shot of my very interesting life:

Left home at 8:20am . Was very happy about leaving on time. No, the happiness did not last long as when I reached the DLR station I was told that my train was not running. I almost decided to go back home but then changed my mind. So I walked. Yes bloody walked. In my heels. Carrying the laptop that weighs more than I do. Walked bloody 5 stops.


So, I reached office late and grumpy and then spent the entire day in meetings, calls and mails. Finally came home at around 6:15pm quite exhausted after 10 hours of work. Got half an hour to myself before I started cooking just a little after Sid came in.

Worked some magic there and cooked amazing hybrid Biryani (My version of Biryani. I never had biryani in India, so I just guess.). I was then given the task of Ironing shirts for Sid- a task both of us HATE and are perpetually trying to trap the other one into doing. I considered myself very smart, I actually got away with ironing by finding him two brand new shirts! Happy and elated at my luck, I helped Sid pack his clothes for the Poland trip when Sid decided that he could not find the tiny toothpaste tube he wanted to take. We then proceeded to lift beds, Pull out suitcases from inbetween clothes etc etc –all in am attempt to find the tooth paste tube. But to no avail. Finally I suggested that he could probably buy one at the airport. Sid agreed but continued to look.


By this time it was almost 9:30 and I was all exhausted. After some more packing and a little more arranging we sat down to a quiet though nice dinner (where Sid philosophically said, ‘Life both choti hoti hai’ )and were asleep by 10:30.

Only to be woken at 4:30 am. The alarm clock woke us up. Time for Sid to go.

I decided to stay in bed as most of Sid’s work had been done the night before and I felt extremely exhausted. Almost as soon as I thought this to myself, Sid announced that he could not find the nail cutter. Since I had used it last, I had to get out bed to hunt for it. I found it in a few minutes and climbed back into bed straight after.

Not for much long though.

The taxi had come, Sid was not ready and I was trying to stay in bed.
Sid put on his brand new shirt and realised that it was too crumpled to be worn. He had too much to do in the next few minutes so I like the best biwi on the planet jumped in to help. So there I was at 5:30 in the morning ironing the shirt. Bloody.

So much worse than ironing the shirt at 9:00 pm in the night.

Should I get some award or what?

So well, finally we managed to get Sid ready for Poland. I jumped right back into my warm comfortable yellow bed knowing that I had to get up at 7 and leave home by 8

I got up at 8.

And that too only because my Mum in law fortuitously called me up.

And then started the cycle again!


P.S Anyways, I now have the evening to myself and am looking forward to ordering my favourite mushroom rice from a Bangladeshi restaurant that pretends to sell Indian Food. I have a lovely PG Wodehouse that I am going to read! Maybe I wont miss Sid?

I wish. :)


Calvin said...

What happened with the Tooth paste tube finally? :)

Raam Pyari said...

we did not find it. But sid found my toothpaste (bottle of 100 ml). So he took that :P

Btw-what do you do? I checked your blog, your posts are so intelligent!

Shubhika Taneja said...

Its so much fun to read your posts :-), and so much i can relate to, especially with this post with the hubby busy till the last minute ironing shirts and not being able to find something, amusing,cute and quite generic across the species of hubby i guess :-)

caterpillar said...

OMG...I'm such a slacker when it comes to such things....Prince Charming got a bad deal, I tell's nice to have the whole house to yourself once in a while, isn't it?

Kavya said...

ye tho ghar ghar ki kahani hai :P

All these incidents i can relate so much. PK usually packs everything and the ironing part always comes to me :(

Though he packs everything night itself, still something he will leave behind everytime. Now we have made a list of things required when travelling, so everytime, he travels he checks accoridng to the list :P

Swaram said...

A nice book and good food! Woww ;)
So, did u miss him :P

Raam Pyari said...

@shubhika- yes, I guess so :) I also need a wife who will so my ironing :(

caterpillar- good for you! And yes, I agree , it is indeed good to have the house to yourself once in a while....but then after a couple of hours, I get bored also..:P

Kavya- thats not a bad idea! to make a list and refer to it each time you have to travel! I will make one for myself for sure!

Swaram- yes I did. He gets too busy to call and i find that weird :P

Calvin said...

@Raam Pyari: Haha, thanks a lot. I'm in the banking industry, and hence the habit of sometimes (over)-analyzing things.

Bikramjit said...

:) oh ho hmmm i had similar experience 3 weeks ago, i went to the canary warf station , went down , bought the day pass to find that the jubilee line was not working .. WHY they did not put the notice on top of the escalators i dont know..

had a bad day and reached home at midnight that day ...
and you made biryani ooooh I am a sucker for foood ... :)

so let me ask you the question did you miss SID:)


rivercat said...

hi raam, Nice blog. I left a new comment for you on my blog. :)

Shilpa Garg said...

A very interesting day, you have had!! :D
Ahh... ironing at 5 am....can relate to it completely!! :|

Neha said...

wow!! you are a sweet wife, I must say :P
If anyone woke me up that early I would have driven that person crazy!! My husband teases me by saying im like a baby.. Coz you are *never* supposed to wake up sleeping babies ..hehe

Neena S said...

Hey I loved your blog .. the design, writing, everything. By the way, my H is on tour too! He went today morning. :(

DI said...

Awwww, ironing at 5 AM? you're a good wife! :D
Anyhow, hope the time flies by, and u do distract yourself with the book and the mushroom rice!

Raam Pyari said...

@Calvin- why am i not surprised:P

@Bikram- which part of London do you stay in? Do you work in Canary wharf?

@rivercat- will check it out right away :)

@shilpa- thanks :P and welcome :)

@neha- even my husband says he has married a five year old :( what is wrong with husbands! :P:P

@neena- thanks and welcome :) and where is your hubby off to? I hope he wont be gone for too long?

@DI- he is back! yeaaayyy!

The Blue Periwinkle said...

Oh!! :P

So you did miss him, after all. :)

Nice blog!
Thanks for visiting! :)

rads said... must not hv been so funny living it but the way u narrate is definitely humorous...gr8 blog here...thanks for visiting mine..cheers!

the girls from the land of dreams said...

Hi Ruchita

Came across the below competition

Tagged you, have a look


Pepper said...

You are such a good wife. I can't imagine ironing shirts at 5 am.

On the other hand, I know if he were late and had to get somewhere, I'd be the first one to jump out of bed and then harp about it all day.

Bikramjit said...

Hey I dont live in london , I was there for work we have a office in london.. I live in birmingham..


dipali said...

Sometimes it is great to have a wee break from Men and their shirts and their toothpaste tubes! And to have a free evening and eat something that you crave and that he can't stand, or just a bowl of Maggi!
So how was this break???