Friday, January 14, 2011


I am trying to put in this blog little bits of the various places I keep travelling to. I have realized that I have forgotten so much about my trips last year. Hence this attempt :)

Brussels, Belgium.
April, 2010.

Sid and I travelled to Brussels for a day last Easter. We went there with another couple from Sid’s B school which added to the fun. We drove in from Paris enjoying every bit of the French and Belgian countryside.

And with that we enter Belgium!

We went out to this authentic Dutch Place for dinner. Okay the only vegetarian bits that Dutch eat is bread, cheese and fries. So well, that is what I had. I remember that even though it was a well known place, none of us really like the food.

After that we all went out for a stroll and walked around the Grand Place. As you can see it was beautiful!

Next day we spent a LOT of time strolling around. It is a small city. Nothing much to see compared to the biggies like Paris and London but it has a charm about itself that is difficult to ignore.

The stock exchange!

We roamed and shopped in the small alleys of the city. There were a multitude of chocolate and toy shops that were a treat to the eye.


The Manneken Piss- That is supposed to be one of the most important things to see in Brussles and we walked round and round trying to locate it! I burst out laughing when we actually did find it. First it was so tiny that it was ludicrous. Second, the piss in ‘Manneken piss’ was actually just that! Mannaken Piss is the statue of a small boy peeing!

We dutifully posed infront of Manneken Piss and clicked multiple shots of everyone.
We spent the rest of the evening strolling around the city, we discovered a city square, where we spent a lot of time generally chatting up, soaking in the sun and resting our tired feet. The last thing we did was to check out the Tintin museum. Tintin was created by Herge in Brussels and hence the museum is apparently quite the famous one. Since I am not a Tintin fan, I did not enjoy it too much. The fact that we were the only all adult group did not help matters too much.

Anyways, it was a lovely day and a half spent in Brussels. I don’t think I will go there again because there is not much for the typical tourists we are.

As a parting shot, a pic of Sid and me walking the streets of Brussels. Don’t we look like two school going kids making way to school?



t said...

Oh lovely! We went to Bruges and Ghent for 3 days last year, and whilst waiting for our Eurostar back to London, roamed around the Brussels station for an hour. That's all I saw of it. But Bruges and Ghent were amazing - castles, canals - old world charm!

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the girls from the land of dreams said...

Hi Ruchita

That's great... you are right, you need to record these trips soon enough.. we just pulled up a couple of our europe trips... it was hard to recollect everything.. but then good memories never fade away:)