Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!

So I am not the partying sorts. But yet I was part of the biggest party in London that brought in New Years.

Sid and I went to watch the fireworks at London Eye to bring in the New Years Eve. There were 250,000 people there, i came to know later!

We left home ar 6:30, reached at 7 where some of our friends were waiting for us. Then we waited for 12 o clock. Standing for better part of the this time.

Yes, there were so many people that these people made announcements asking people to stand up so that more people could be accomodated.

Around midnight, helicopters started hovering over head and some guy on the BBC radio told us that we will soon be going live, the entire 250,000 of us and that we are supposed to cheer at certain points of time. And we even had a dress rehearsal for that!!!

Mid night came and with that came spectacular fireworks, that lasted 10 minutes by the watch. Finally the journey home that should have taken us 30 minutes, took at approximately 2.5 hours. There were youngsters all over the place, most of them drunk. One woman came up to me asking for a hug. I saw atlaest 3-4 women crying for various reasons ( mainly because they were drunk)....i saw a side of london i have never seen before. Dont get me wrong, it was not like it was not fun....but its just that I have never been in such a crowded place in London before.

So finally, after stanfing for 5 hours, and 2.5 hours spent in communiting, we brought in the new years by watching 10 minutes of fireworks.

Here is a pic from last night. We were standing right across the London Eye.

Source of the pic:

And yes, thought we will not do this again, i think, i have to say that it was a once in a life time experience and probably worth its salt.

Ofcourse my dad checked the BBC coverage of the fireworks to see if he could see either Sid or me on TV.

No, we were not on TV.

So, this is wishing all of you a fantabulous new year. Health. Happiness. Love and peace. In that order:)




adarsh said...

Happy New Year (and all that, in the same order) to you too :)

About that old conversation, I had asked you about a college in Ghaziabad. And about the blog, you had emailed me with subject 'New bilaag'. I don't know more than this :P

Nevermind. Nothing remotely significant in that conversation. :)

Raam Pyari said...

yes yes, i now recall the conversation. I think that was the time when I had decided to delete this place and start a new one. Thanks God better sense prevailed. :)