Tuesday, January 11, 2011

No one killed Jessica- Movie Review

So I have decided I will try puttting in a review for each of the gazillion movies I watch here. Also, that will reduce the I-me-myself that goes on and on on this blog.

1) The story is gripping even though you know most parts of it. This is when I think the credit goes to the writer director Raj Kumar Gupta. And to the leading ladies of the movie.

2) My award for the best performace would go neither to Rani nor to Vidya, it would go to Rajesh Sharma who plays the police officer. I absolutely lonved the scene where he throws the glass frustrated at what was happening

3) Vidya versus Rani. In my honest opinion, Vidya looks like the plain girl next door. The girl no one notices. Vidya who looked amazing in Ishqiya ( you can forgets stuff like 'hey baby' and 'Kismet connection') and manages to look stunning in her latest Saree avatar, has looked so absolutely plain that it is mind blowing.
I found Rani's performance a little put on in bits, maybe because she has cultivated a very refined, sensible image of herself in the minds of the casual cinema goer. The smoking and the expletives seemed a little out of place.
For me while both the ladies were very good, Vidya might walk away with the plaudits. Having said that, I am very happy for Rani. This is a hit and a performace she so badly needed.

4)There is one scene in the movie when Vidya goes to her terrace and screams her lungs out. I was blown away by that scene.

5)There is another scene when Vidya is speaking on TV and sounding really boring. Rani just switches off the TV and asks her maid to get her some pickle. Rani was fantastic in those 2 seconds.

6) In the last scene when Rani comes to Jessica's grave, I got a sense of deja vu. Veer Zara. Rani saves the day :)

7) I remember the time when the candle light march was organised for Jessica and how the some people discarded it as a theatrical antic picked up from a hit movie. It was debated how Rang de Basanti probably played a big role in getting Indians in that mode of not being willing to tolerate any more nonsense. I agree.

All in all, a definite watch. Go watch it , if you have not not just for Jessica Lal but for the other million Jessicas who are not as lucky.



t said...

I somehow can't stand Rani or Vidya. Rani for all the movies she did after Black, and Vidya for pairing up with Shahid... that said she is immensely pretty, yes.

I work in Cambridge (wish I had the brains to study in the Uni of Cam!)... and I'm a girl :)

DI said...

Yet to watch the movie! Not too keen, but I might :) But that was a good review, actually makes me want to check the movie out!

Raam Pyari said...

t- hmmm.....we live aas paas....:)

DI- yep! def worth one watch!