Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Travelogue- Marrakech ( December, 2010)

Marrakech Day 4

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So we set out today at 8 in the morning for which we got out of bed by 7! What kind of a holiday is it if you are up and about by 6:45?

Anywyas, after a hurried breakfast we set out in our rented car, again with the same guide as before, Bougemal. The drive today took us some 4 hours, 4 hours of spectacular rocky terrain as we reached our destination: Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou.

In Arabic, a Kasbah is the between of a village and a fortress. And Kasbah Ben Haddou is one of the most famous ones across Morocco. It has been declared as an UNESCO world heritage sight.

Anyways, here are some of my favourite pics from today. These are few of the clicks from the very beginning of the journey.

The valley!

Another view!

Our Car. I like this lonely car shot.

The best part was that we could stop where ever we wanted and click pics.
Infront of our eyes, the terrain started changing. You can now see a much more harsh terrain. I wish the camera could capture what the eyes can see. This was one of the passes. This was called Tischka Pass. Tischka means Darkness in Arabic. Like Sid said, one can only imagine how scary it would have been 1000 years ago.

This is how the roads looked from the highest accessible bit at the Pass.

And the terrain changes further

And...further! Can you see the snow capped mountain peaks? I just could not enough of them.

This is by far one of my favourite pics. The camels and the brown. The snow and the white. The combination of the two is just too eerie! There are a million pics of the brown and the white! This was one of the stops we took while on our way.

This was the last stop. It provided us with a view of the Kasbah.

Once inside the Kasbah, we spent an hour or so exploring the Kasbah and clicking the pics. Below are a few of them.

Two women in a distance

All in all today was a spectacular day and we loved every bit of it to bits!We reached the Riad by 7 after gifting our guide a packet of delicacies we had got from London, rested for some time ( I finished the book I am reading,’A piece of Cake’ by Cupcake Brown, yes that’s the authors name : Cupcake!), went out again to get some food....and by the time we came back, we were exhausted!
Day four comes to an end......I hope you enjoyed reading the post as much as i enjoyed the day!




Shekhar said...

Loved all the pics, especially the 'two women in the distance' waala.

Raam Pyari said...

some of the shots are spectacularly beautiful!

Ananda, Daksh, Pranav and Ruben said...
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Ananda said...

Excellent Pics. Are some of these HDR? The sky blue is beautiful.

Anonymous said...


Kavya said...

The travelogue is interesting. Good to hear that you had a wonderful time.

Shivanand PB said...

love the blue color the sky ! awesome pics !

Kanupriya said...

Lovely shots, esp. liked the one where one can see white mountains on background with camels on foreground. rare combo :)
You know there is another book by name of A piece of cake, its by Swati Kaushal. It's a nice book on life of a young working woman

Raam Pyari said...

Ananda- nopes, no HDR:) and welcome to the blog:)

anon- thanks:)

Kavya- thanks! and welcome to the blog:)

shiva- thanks! you should plan a trip to morocco then:)

Kanupriya- that has to be my fave pic from the entire album! And welcome to the blog :)