Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I wish I could look coyly at my nails and say that I found Yamla Pagla Deewana too pedestrian for my sophisticated tastes. I wish I could talk about intelligent cinema and how it never fails to excite me.

I wish.

Only that wish is not coming true anytime soon.

I loved Dabang and as if that was not enough, I went ahead and laughed my head off in Yamla Pagla Deewana enjoying it more than ‘127 hours’ and ‘The King’s Speech’ put together. Okay these are both great movies worthy of a watch but I just enjoyed Yamla Pgala Dewana much more.

Bobby Deol is by far the weakest link in the movie with his excessive face making. People in Benaras do not have twisted faces. As far as I know atleast. And his love interest, I recognized her from a tele serial I used to watch many many years ago on Zee TV. I cannot recall the name of the TV serial but I do remember that she had an imaginary son called Tingu. As expected that name had kinda cracked me up and has stayed with me all these years.

So well, the honest truth is that I enjoy nonsense. The mad cap kind of nonsense.
In sharp contrast there is this other movie lover in me that forgets to eat painstakingly made poha ( yes I cook Indian food!) when she sees Kal ho na ho on the telly. Poha is forgotten, husband is sushed and not replied to when he dares utter a word and tears stream down my face as Shah Rukh lies on his death bed. As Preity zinta runs out of the hospital room, unable to see the man she loves die, I contemplate switching the channel. It is too difficult to see Shah Rukh die.
Talking of Preity Zinta. Well, she is about to get married to Saif Ali Khan. Her mother, grand mother and a lot of other rather fat aunties sing ‘mahi ve’. Jaya Bachchan tries her best to look forlorn at the engagement of her daughter. I cry buckets as my mind goes back to my own wedding and vidaai.

What kind of a Bollywood fan am I? It is against my ethics to say that any (read ANY) movie was crappy. I don’t say that. It cannot be true. I find something nice in every movie. The more the nonsense in the movie, the more I enjoy it. And ofcourse if Shah Rukh dies, I cry non stop.

What kind of a Bollywood fan am I?

And on that noble thought,



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meerasrajan said...

Hello Ram Pyari

Nice blog..! yes we are all so callous in commenting that a movie was nice or not nice but how many of us can make a movie and communicate with an audience. Kal ho an Ho is a nice film- I have seen it too. But Anand of the 1970s was nicer. I dont know if you have seen it. My problem as a forties someone is that I am often unable to relate to many of the movies of today - I realize that many are made for the NRI audience so that could be one reason, another may be what I like is a generational thing. But sure that does not mean that I dislike all current movies. I liked " Laaga Churi mein Daag"/ "kaarthik Calling Karthik"/ "Luck by chance"- somehow they seemed to be more about real people.

Kavya said...

dont worry R, You have a company. I am also a very big movie buff.. I have seen such a crappy movies, but still have enjoyed it. Also there are movies, I have watched N number of times, but everytime, I become emotional and I dont get bored. Kal ho na ho, is one of them. I think I have seen this movie around 7-8 times, but still I cry in the climax every time :)

Anonymous said...

***GROAN**... come on RP... you can do better than crying over SRK dying in that movie!!! So far other than in Swades his acting is so fake....hmm I know I have been moved by quite a few movie scenes but none coming to mind... certainly something in Taare Zameen Par... oh well!!


Shekhar said...

Hey, if you liked YPD, you will *love* Golmaal 3? Have you seen it?

Shivanand PB said...

Hello RP,
If I remember right the lady (Bobby's love interest) played a lead role in tele serial "Karishma karishma".

Woah ! you cried for Shah Rukh !!
You should try soaps from Balaji telefilms, they take the hero to the death bed and get him back when he is about to die. :)

That way viewers can experience extreme emotions of sorrow and happiness :P

Ketaki... said...

What kind of a Bollywood fan am I?
-the true kind.. :P

Neena S said...

Lol! You have company. As in 95% of the mass who watch Bollywood movies. :)