Sunday, January 02, 2011

Another Painting

Disclaimer: This one is not as pretty as the previous one.

So, today was one day when through out the day, we did not step out. I have had very busy days of late even though we have been on holiday and i got up today extremely exhausted and did not want to go out at all. Hence I had a lot of time to kill. I spent some of it making a painting.

I have only recently discovered the joys of You just go onlin, pick up the stuff you like, wait a few days and Bingo! It has been delivered! It was this that I used to get myself a set of Frank Clark's DVD set for paintings. And that is what I used to teach myself how to paint this painting.

I took me around an hour to finish the whole thing. Frank does not outline his paintings but I find them very bland without the outlines. Hence you will see most things defined in my paintings.

As promised in the comment section of my last Painting post I have putting pictures of stuff used.

Painting Final version:

Paints used:

Paint brushes:

Paper used:

My painting in the Paint Book:

I know this one is not really as good as the previous one, but as usual, do let me know what you think of it.


adarsh said...

Clean, clear, crisp and calm.
Nice. Very nice.

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Anonymous said...

Hey RP,

Do you paint out of your imagination or do u look at a pic?

BTW HNY 2011


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the details!
did you take any classes in painting in the past?
I am not good at painting though I am reasonably good at sketching... just the pencil part and to mention I had no formal training or anything like that.
Some tips on how to start with painting? the combinations , mixing of paints and the brush sizes to be used etc.
I know google would help.. but may be you can point me to any specific links/tutorials which you think are right to start with...

Thanks in Advance