Friday, June 04, 2010


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I talked about my grandmother some days back. She has been in a very delicate stage of late. The hospitals and the doctors were helping little. So Nani was brought home with oxygen mask and cylinders et al.

Last morning, Nani got really unwell. She was unable to breathe even for 5 minutes on her own. Things started getting very hysterical. I gather now that all of Nani’s 6 children ( the 7 th is in the USA and is on his way as I speak) were is various stages of utter despair early yesterday morning.

A big meeting was called to decide what the next step has to be. My uncle and aunt are doctors and they were both discussing which hospital would suit Nani best when , I gather my Grand dad, put his foot down. No one would touch Nani now, he said. What ever has to happen will happen at home. If she has to go away, we will respect that and let her be in peace.

So Nani was kept at home. Things started worsening. A doctor friend of my Uncle came over. He is a heart and lung specialist and gave Nani some injection. That was considered useless as all believed that Nani had a few minutes or hours at most. Nani had not eaten ANYTHING in the last 2 days and internal septicemia was making her body burn internally that would make her cry out in pain. She had a huge bed sore and was, as I said unable to breathe. Her skin had patches of blue and doctors could no longer find any vein for injections.

Half an hour later, my 86 year old nani was up. Sitting in bed after a long time and aksing for food. Trust me, I am not exaggerating one bit.

Of all things, the random injection had worked wonders.

Nnai was bathed, she got all the family round her , she spoke to her 2 month old great grand son in the US and told him how beautiful he is. She called my little sister and congratulated her for getting through every bloody medical entrance exam in the country and 95.5 % in the boards. Hoarding with her pictures are all around the city. They were shown to Nani. Arcticles in the newspapers where my cousin had dedicated her success to her grand parents were read out to her. Some 20-25 surrounded Nani’s bed for hours as she asked for food. Nani voiced concerns about what would be cooked that day for all her kids. My Mum dressed up nani, out a bindi on her forehead, combed her hair and made her sit.

My grand dad was in the room near by. As Nani sat dressed on her bed, mum asked all the other people to move a bit so that Dada ( my grandfather) could see her from where he sat. As people parted, Dada craned his neck to have a look at his wife of over 50 years.
Nani smiled a shy smile. Dada smiled an encouraging smile.

Mum says that was the most special smile she has ever seen in her life. She says it brought tears in her eyes.

This is certainly a miracle. For the time being. We do not how many hours this will last. It si certainly not a permanent solution. My Mum apparently has been feeding, bathing, and cleaning my Nani for the last 10-12 days and has aged about 10-12 years in the process. She says her biggest wish was to see happy for some time. She had seen Nani cry in pain non stop like a 3 year old. She has been so frustrated with Nani’s suffering that all she had started wishing for was for God to give Nani peace what ever that meant.

Nani had a lovely day yesterday. I have not heard my mothers happy voice in a long time. It is nothing short of a miracle to have Nani back for a few hours with us.

I don’t know what this incident means but all I know is that you do NOT know what life has in store for you round the next bend.


PS Blog Marathon is on. I have the posts written. Will post them once I am able to. I should be able to put all the remaining posts by the end of day BST.


Kishley said...

God bless her.. I wish her good health and strength.. And sometimes these small miracles do happen..

Raam Pyari said...

thanks kishley!

Anonymous said...

My Prayers and good wishes for your nani...
Whatever it is,the end is the same for all, for god it doesn't matter if you accept it or not... but I felt God was right, when I saw my GM's dead body with hundreds of needle pricks...

To this day, I never feel that my GM is not with me... I still feel her warmth and rejoice the good times I had spent with her. For me I still have her around.