Friday, June 04, 2010

Day 3

Internet Savvy Dad.

So my Dad has just discovered the internet. Okay he knew it existed but it is only now that he has figured that it is no rocket science.

One day he sets an FB account.
The next day he puts up a display pic .
The third day he starts emailing people from his gmail account.
The fourth day he has put a video on his FB page.
The fifth day he has changed his gmail password.
The sixth day he has sent my brother’s girlfriend a FB friend request.

The following is an email he sent to me before I went to India early last month.

dear rp,

We are very happy about your forthcoming visit. What we have to finalize in the meanwhile is the preparation we have to have. We can have 3 boxes of famous home made laddus,one each for sis-in-law, mummy ji & sid. I made a very low calory cake today. yu can have 2 large tasty(non healthy)cakes. We can keep on updating our list. Yr interview was fabulous. This will keep yur schdul vry tight.its interview ,india visit, sis-in-laws visit,then start of job. All this will keep yu on yr toes. All the best

Why I call my Dad, chacha is a long story and shall be dealt with in some other post.

In the meanwhile enjoy Da’s email.


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