Wednesday, June 30, 2010

5 years

This was exactly 5 years ago.

I was then in 2nd year engg.So much has happened since then. I finished Engg, got 2 job offers, got thru a decent b school, left home, did MBA, finished MBA, got a job, started working for the first time, got married, moved to another country, started work again.

Almost everything has changed in the last 5 years.

Some things have not.

One of them is you. So thank you and a very very happy 5th birthday.

As my readers, a know a lot of visit regularly who do not leave a comment- as a gift to my blog, leave a comment- I want to know who you are. Just say hi.




adarsh said...

Happy Birthday smilethesmile :)

Sumit Tada said...

Hi! Happy anniversary!

Sumit Tada said...

Oh, and will be really nice if you can update the link to my blog in your blogroll. That's the second one from the bottom. New link is

Anonymous said...

Hey there... happy b'day bloggiee..


Nishu said...

happy b'day 'raam pyari'.. :)

Anonymous said...

HI :)

Bday Bday Happy Bday !!

Kishley said...

Hi!! :D

Dewdrop said...


A very very happy birthday :) Hope you see many many more years ahead :)

pritam said...

Hi :)

Happy Bday Blog!:)

Anonymous said...



apurva said...

hi! its been long time n u gotta long way to go...been a grt journey!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Bday Smile. Keep smiling keep blogging. To many more years of smiling the smile.

B School Buddy

Anonymous said...

Like reading your blogs - specially the ones related to family - mom /dad/nani etc.

makes me miss my folks - no prizes for guessing - me too an NRI just like you :-)

Keep writing for many more 5 years.


Swathy said...

Hey RP..
long time..
hope u write more n more n more..
loved the last one on the girl series..
- swathy.

aMyth! said...

belated birthday wishes :)

Divya said...


kitty said...

Balti bhar ke badhayiaan :)

muuuuuccch looove


Shekhar said...

Had tried to leave a comment saying 'hi' through my phone.. didn't work. Anyway, here goes..

HI !!

~big warm smile~