Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 9

Blog readers

It is weird- the kind of relationship you develop over time with the readers of your blog.

Sometimes you get to know them really well, sometimes they are blog writers that you feel you know well because you read their blog regularly.

In the last 5 years I have been blogging, I have actually met 2 people through this blog. Two wonderful people- one I am still friends with, the other a fellow blogger was a very good friend at one point in time but we kind of lost touch along the way.

Since I am quite fiercely protective of my anonymity in the blog world ( in fact it is only now that I mention my city on the blog before this I never did that also!) - so this is quite a large number.

Apart from these two I have spoken on the phone to one and exchanged emails with atleast 3 others (I do not have a separate id for my blog)

Why do I suddenly talk about this?

Well there is indeed a reason. It’s the Girl series.

I started writing the Girl series about 4 years back- that was when I used to have a much bigger reader base and frankly was more enthusiastic about blogging too. Shekar, a fellow blogger and a voracious reader was one of those who used to follow my blog quite regulary. His comments for the Girl series were very encouraging and even now I remember one of his comments verbatim.

So 4 long years later, as part of this marathon, I decided to restart the Girl series.

To catch up on what all I had written I sifted through the previous 4 parts and spent some time going through the comments as well. And there I found the comment that Shekhar had left for me all those years ago. I smiled as I read it, promising to def mail/ scrap shekhar that I have put the next part of this story, he so keenly followed.

I wrote part 5 2-3 days back and was postponing the next post simply because I had to let him know that I had written part 5. It was a weird thing in my head- its not like we speak/ chat often. Infact we have never spoken/ met each other or are even really aware of what the oher one is upto.

But I just felt like doing it this way- one of the weird things you know, letting him know of the post. He does not follow my blog now, so he would not know of the post on his own.....I mean I have had no contact with him in months!

Anyways today I changed my status on FB. Shekhar who has most prolly never commented on any of my FB statuses , commented this:

“Speaking of which, we, the readers of ur blog, have been kept away from your own power of story-telling, especially 'the girl' series”

I was blown away by the co incidence. That he should remember that particular post after 4 long years in between of which we have hardly ever had any communication except his occassional comments on my blogs ( which have stopped as he stopped reading my blog sometime back- fault is mine though, I really had stopped writing) and maybe one email. At max 2.

So I immediately informed him to go read my blog and told him how I had been not writing the blog marathon because I wanted to let him know of the latest post.

Its funny, how we connect people with things in life and how they connect/ associate us with the same!



Kishley said...

Yes! We connect to a lot of people in different spheres of our lives :)

I recently landed in mumbai, and while in the airport, someone mentioned chembur.. I remembered a blogger friend who lives thr.. We sometime in past had exchanged phone numbers and talked too.. But that was like more than an year or two ago.
So the coincidence being as soon as i thought about her, she smsed me a silly sms about nothing n adding 'remember me'!!! :D So yeah i immediately called her back and laughed at the silly coincidence :)

Shekhar said...

~big smile~