Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Day 7

The Pleasures of Not Having a Blender.

Case 1:
Sid: How about Rajma?
Me: No baby! How can we make Rajma, we need blender na…..
Sid: yeah ofcourse

Case 2:
Sid: Should we try making Chhole?
Me: Baby, we don’t have a blender naaa…..
Sid: Ohhhh, ofcourse!

Case 3:
Sid: How about Luaki ki sabzi?
Me: We don’t have a blender na…
Sid: Are you sure we need one for sabzi also?
Me: Ofcourse! Do you know how to make lauki ki sabzi without a blender?
Sid*downcast*: No

Case 4:
Sid: How about a glass of milk?
Me: Baby, we don’t have a blen……..yeah babby, ofcourse, hot or cold?




naween said...

:D :D burii baat hai! kisi ki disability/inability ka is tarah fayda uthana !!

Anonymous said...

Nice post. But why would you need a blender to make Lauki ki sabji. Yahan to sid ka bakra bana rahi ho. And congrats for the job.

Kishley said...

ha! good good :D