Thursday, May 31, 2007

Of me and Bahin...

Well, so some of you know me better than I know myself! I am indeed back and I am surprised ! I know, some of who had even prophesied an early return-- ‘waah’ ‘waah’ to you!

Now, let me tell you how Sayesha, unknowingly paid a beeeg role in my return.

You know, I am not Raam Pyari, as in I was not named RP by my parents .But yet it has somehow become a part of my identity. ‘Smilethesmile’ is just a blog, I know, but it is indeed at least a small part of my identity. It is difficult to get a new name, a new address and pretend as if all was like before.

In comes Sayesha.

I am, I guess, one of her most regular readers even if I do not comment on each and every post. So, when I came face to face with the problem coz of which I had stopped blogging here, the first person whose advice I wanted to take was, well, you guessed it right, Sayesha.

So, I went to her blog, but sadly there was no email contact to be found and I again found myself at sea.

So, with all this happening, ‘Blogging all the way’ shut down and all, I happened to read the latest post at the bar.
500 drinks :) !!!

[Cheers, bahin, btw! ]

There is this one line in her post which I shall not quote, which was almost like ‘Bahin’ talking to me about the problem I was facing here. In the post she also mentions what she thinks about such a situation .AndI could so totally see her point of view. It was an epiphany of sorts, the clouds parted and there was the proverbial sunshine all around.

So, that got me thinking, and the more I thought about it, the more sure I started feeling about reopening this place.

I will not/ cannot die for ‘Blogging all the way..’ but you see, it is two years of me- from the time when I was in 2nd year Btech till today, when I have just finished the last theory exam I will ever write as a student of a Btech course.

Almost two years and about 180 posts.

That is a lot of me.

I could not let it go, just like that.

I kept thinking about all of you who read whatever crap I write here. I mean, it just seemed useless to let go of this place.

Hence and therefore, I am back and Bahin is to be at least partially thanked for the dramatic return!

So, I take this[she has just reached post number 500] opportunity to thank Bahin, not for writing that particular post but for churning out post after post, for allowing me and others like me , unknown strangers , to peek into her life , for being honest, for being funny ,for sharing with us the smallest of things, for sharing with us the biggest of things , for making the bar such an integral part of our lives.And for helping me decide on coming back here:)

500 down?
5000 more to go re!

The good thing was that due to all that happened here, I got a chance to know some of my readers here who took out the time to actually mail me.

Keep Rocking!


P.S. Girl series will be back. I will try and finish the story before I leave my city!
I do not think I need to put this here, but Sayesha a.k.a. Bahin can be found at


Shekhar said...

So glad to have you back!!! :)))))

And I get a GOLD !!! :))))

V. V. V. V. happy seeing this blog back in action. And to think that you were one of the people who made me keep my blog alive. Sahi hai...and keep rocking!

P.S. Eagerly awaiting the continuation of the Girl series. :)

Shekhar said...

Sorry, just had to come back to clarify something..

You were not one of the people 'coz of whom I decided to continue to blog...u were THE person who made me realise that I wanted to continue to blog. :)

Janefield said...

welcome back :) have dropped by here off and on, but might not have commented :)

not easy having a blog and then feeling forced to shut down for whatever reason..i can totally relate, been there, done that!

hang in there, raam pyaari is an unforgettable name, neither is the new name (seen it you know where), but this one rocks more :)

Rahul... in City of Dreamz said...

heyyyy!!!! yaar atleast give a notice first ... chalo... so now its this blog or what??

any ways i am haapy that this blog is back.... like u said .. its part of youy.. chalo... welcome back and happy blogging ...

Ps -- mere blog pe ek baar darshan de dena...

Sumit Tada said...

now plz continue :)

Anonymous said...

haye..mere khushi ke aasu ruk nahi rahe....gr8 that u back..\''/


Adarsh said...

gud to see u back...
abki jaane ka nahin yahan se kabhi :)
me too will resume blogging

Sayesha said...

Maxxxxxxxx >:D<

~ Bahin

aMyth! said...

hey.. this is great.. the smile is back :) thanks to you...and o'coz, thanx to sayesha, for making this happen, even if unknowingly.. hip! hip! hurray!! :D

JustSo said...

good to see you back

Rebellion said...

Thats soooooo cute :D
Glad you're back :)

You know, incidently, when I realisd you'd made your blog readable only to invites, Sayesha was the first person I mailed n asked if she had your email id but in vain. Glad you stumbled on my blog :)

Ritu Raj said...

Grt to have you back.
Keep on blogging all the way. :)