Wednesday, May 09, 2007

So, apparently, I am the only one who has managed a vaguely decent convert from my coaching institute[ Yes, you can go be as surprised as you wish to be ]. The centre heads had decided to arrange a seminar for the entire batch for CAT 07 and I was cordially invited to share with the students my own experiences.


Since it is the first time that I am actually being treated this way, let me share with you guys all that happened.
First of all, I had no idea what I should ideally wear for the occasion! [ A day before that a class 12 girl who wanted to speak to me had exclaimed on seeing me ‘ Didi toh humare age ki lagati hai ‘ .
Huh! ]
So, Western wear was totally out, it makes me look much younger than I actually am , so I settled for a light pink churidaar salwaar kameez with substantial chikan work all over in white, tiny pink danglers and a touch of kohl for the eyes. The cotton suit + hair in a pony, academic, hard working girl look! :P

Ma dropped me off at the venue and Chotu Bhaiyya [ the odd job guy at the coaching I used to be very good friends with when I was regular with the classes] on seeing me waved a cheerful ‘hello’ and directed me to the hall.
It was a HUGE hall and had around 200 seats, the centre Head#1 was on stage giving gyaan about the various terms used in business mags et al. Centre head #2 , a female who has without fail failed to impress me , was seated in the front row.On seeing me, she waved and asked me to come over, So I sat next to her and listened to centre head #1 give gyan. It was actually a pretty decent lecture and I listened very attentively to all that was being said while centre head #2 yawned and yawned non stop beside me.
Other faculty members were also there and it was nice to talk to them once in a while in hushed whispers…
One hour later, centre head #1, wrapped up his lecture and Centre head#2 went on stage and introduced to the audience the three of us.
Before calling me to the podium, she said ‘I have to mention one thing about this girl, she happens to be one the most hard working girls I have ever come across’

Nice thing to say?
Yeah , you might say so..but it rang quite hollow for me simply coz I know Centre Head #2 never bothered about me during the time I was studying with just did not make a lot of sense ..
Anyways..I had no idea really about what to say…I think I gave gyan about the AIMCATs, asked those kids to read as much as they could and stressed on how important revision is.
Blah blah!

After the whole thing was done with, I was standing outside the hall, surrounded by a group of boys asking a variety of questions. One of them, a very enthu type of a guy[ he put up a pertinent koschan . ‘I am really very serious and want to do my MBA from abroad.How should I prepare for GRE’!! Ahem.Double Ahem ]was asking most of them.
Suddenly he thrust his register at me and said, ‘ Ma’am can I have your autograph please’
I was too taken aback to know what to do, it was sooo silly! One senior standing near me started laughing and said that he should leave the star and her fans alone.
So, well, I refused to give the silly autograph as it made no sense to do so, but then the boy kept insisting and I did not wish o create a huge issue out of it, so I asked his name, wrote his name, and wrote my name a little lower and a ‘have fun’ in between.

The boy looked at me and said, ‘ Ma’am aapka pehla autograph!’


This reached the centre heads also and they pulled my leg real bad about it  , one of them , centre head #2, actually pretended to fish out her own autograph book and asked me for a autograph as well. All of us had a jolly good laugh about the whole thing.
Anyways, for the next 30-45 minutes I was surrounded by students who had a variety of questions they wished to ask me.

As I was answering their questions there were some things that kept coming back to my mind.

First and foremost, I had this overwhelming feeling that all the CAT +Bskul tamasha had finally come to an end for me. I know I am not heading for an IIM, but I do not regret anything per se. I genuinely never was IIM material. CAT tests your IQ, hard work can only take you that far..I know this sounds pessimistic but then one can only do as much as one can possibly do. I worked as hard as I could and yet my performance in CAT was worse than it had been in most of the AIMCATs and the SIMCATs.English was my forte and I messed it up so bad, if an institute kicks me out coz they believe that my English is rotten, then so be it ..but I cannot be bitter about it….
Almost always I end up in an institute that I have never even contemplated going to which is quite a funny thing in its own way.

My B skul, although not one which had been my dream college, is respectable enough for me. The IIM dream remains one that I could not realize but I guess that is okay.
I will try to make the best of whatever opportunities that come my way and lets see where I head to.

In the beginning of 3rd year I had put up a cynical, irritated post. 3rd year is going ot be tough, I had written angrily as if the weight of the world was on my slim shoulders.
I need to get placed and I need to get thru a good b skul.
Even as I was putting down those words I remember wondering which out of these two I will get and which one I won’t.
I got the first job I interviewed for, maintained my rank in college, got a decent b skul.And to add to it, Adobe came visiting our campus , and after 3 rounds of lambaa interviews , picked a handful of people including.And the package is about 2.5 time more than what I was getting earlier!Also till I go join my bskul, my coaching people want me to work for them
So, I have 3 jobs and one b skul admit.

Academically and professionally what more can I ask for?



creepa said...

Great!Im completely out of words dii!

U inspire me in many ways too ! :D
ek autograph mujhe bhi chahiye! :)

God bless!

creepa said...

err..yeah..made a new id :D !

Adarsh said...

autograph plzzzzzzzzzz :)
aur What more kya... arre.. khul ke... besharam hoke maangte rahiye khuda se.... uske paas sab hai ... aur inshallah ... aapki to abhi shuruaat hi hai :)
Jai ho

Shekhar said...

Hmm.. somebody's rockin' the town !! ~laughs~

Good to know that you're enjoying your new found 'status'.. (Just pulling your leg).

Hey, I took a class of BBA hopefuls today, and trust me, I couldn't eva put so much thought into my clothes. ~sigh~

And hey, nice to know things are looking good for you. ~touch wood~

Just one question... when do I get an autograph?? ~grins~

Raam Pyari said...

@creepa--achcha achcha..leg puling ki undisputed champ hai tu!


wadde din baad tu firr se bilag parr comment chodane lagi!

@adarsh--thankyou je..high mood me likha tha..abhi maxx sad posts[leaving home for the first time waali ] in the making hai
And haan, I have asked ppl about that college body has gotten back to me..firr se push karti hu sab koh!
alasi bumz!

@shekhar--*strict luk*
no autograph !

wohi naa..mood achcha hoying= happy post
and cummon , post the teaching experiences as must have been an experience of sorts!!

neha said...

hi..i am a frequent visitor to ur blog... and ...
congragtes for b-skul and all.. that praise .... njoy ur b-skul..
i am preparing for CAT 07...

Anshul Agrawal said...

Congratz on becuming a STAR among the Cat aspirants... :)

anyways u deserve this praise too...

naween said...

ishtudddd!! pahle autograph ki badhai!! abhi se itne jobs hain to b-skool ke baad kya hoga [:P]!!

naween said...

waise ab ye 'padhai likhai' waale links hataa sakti hain aap [:D]!!

Raam Pyari said...

@neha--plz feel welcome here, hopefully will be putting up the details of my life at my bskul, so u can have fun at my expense :P

and yess, welcomme!!

@anshul--hehe..thanks :)

@naween--haan zee, joh hukum aapka..abhi will wirte anoother post and uske baad will delete those yoozless links abb :P

Rebellion said...

Nice post bacha. Kinda nostalgic. Itni mast mast baatein kar rahe the par beech mein sad sad baatein le aaye!

Nevertheless, I'm glad you're satisfied n happy with what you got :D Congrats. Sure it was a great feeling to be surrounded by people seeking your advice na? It makes you feel that you're not really lost in the crowd, accomplished :D

Congrats dear & All the best for future :)