Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The blog is open.
Details later, have an exam kal.
Big thankyou to Sayesha, for making me see sense.

will be back with a detailed post!!!


ranimukherji said...
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shailaja said...

Hey Raam Pyari,

Good to see you back! would have surely missed reading your blogs. BTW what is your real name?

PS: How come you never finished the GIRL series?

Now some self intro : My name is Shailaja and I work in San Diego.
I blog very rarely and since they are exclusively only rants I have not opened it to public :D. seeing Sayesha/yours blog I just may write more frequently and open it for evryone :). lets c...

Sayesha said...

I made you see sense? Arre wah! :D
ps: Errr... How did I make you see sense? :O

Rebellion said...

LOL @ Sash :P