Thursday, May 10, 2007

Job #2...

Okay, so 2 days back Adobe came visiting to our campus. I came to know of it only the night before that and I was in mood to work for it. I had stopped working on my technical skills by Jan last year when I had started working for a b skul in full earnest and somehow never started working on it again.
So like , I was in no mood to stay up the whole night working for I just brushed up a little bit of C and was basically ready to go give the test.
I was mentally prepared for being chucked out in the 1st round itself.
It would be nothing more than a slight embarrassment, I reasoned with myself!

The whole day was spent busy with the farewell party that my branch juniors had organized for us , I came back dead tired at about 8 , watched some TV [only ' some' because it was a Sunday and Dad was home for the evening! ] and went off to bed!

The next day I got up at around 8, got out of bed at about 8:45 and left home for the PPT that was to begin at 9 , at about 9:15.

Spent the next hour listening to the ppt and err… admiring the cute guys …ahem..and before I knew it, it was time to write the test..

There were three things they tested, analytical skills, mathematical skills and C .
I personally was not very satisfied with the test and instead of waiting for the results I decided to head back home. There was no point in waiting for about 2 hours for the potentially negative results!

At 5, a friend called up to tell me that my interview was slotted for 5 sharp.

Needless to say all hell broke loose…I had been semi asleep cuddled next to Ma when the call had come and the transformation from the sleepy me to the screaming me had to be seen to be believed !! After having created enough tension at home ,I changed into a dark maroon salwaar kurta, tied my hair in a plait, kajal for the eyes, a tiny black bindi .This was followed by a mad rush to look for the CV and certificates [ which were still in the file I had used for the Narsee Monjee interview in Delhi ] which was then followed with forcing Dad to drive fast to drop me to college!!

When I reached college, I was immediately handed this huge form to fill..I had just borrowed a pen [I do not have any faith in having pens of my own, you see ]and was about to fill in my name when this guy from the team came out and called my name!

Like a woman possessed I hastily tried to fill my form .Once that was done I headed for the interview room. I just paused outside the room for a few seconds to compose myself before heading straight in.

So began the first round of interview.

The guy taking my interview and I felt completely relaxed…infact he even asked me how I was so well prepared for the interview!
Then followed some puzzles which believe it or no I managed to solve !!!I guess the tough DI caselets I solved for CAT helped me there…
He even got me to play a game with him..he asked me to sell him a paper weight, a pen and sooo many many other questions!
The interview went on for about an was so extensive, the fact that he was easy on the eyes helped a little bit ..hehehe :P

Then the second round happened –another 50 minute interview of extensive grilling!
And then as soon as I was about to go in for the third one I was asked to wait for sometime…by this time it was already 9 o clock in the night, so I got together with some frnds of mine and we went and had Maggie at the Nestle counter just outside the academic block….

Maggie in college at 9 in the night?

So, then finally the interview happened at 10 in the night, from 10:30 to 11:00!! Haf an hour of the gentleman trying ot figure out my insecurities!
Yess, that is what he said…he also asked to me to tell him about the craziest thing I had done.
I actually told him that it was censored and could not be mentioned here!
And he actually said that whatever I said would remain within the walls of the room!


So finally at about 11:15 I reached home, after having been standing the whole day without a moments rest!

And with that my second job interview came to an end.

Epilogue: I got the job!!! Yeayyyyy!!!

P.S : If you wish to check out my first job interview with CTS , here is the link---
Check out the post in green


naween said...

one of the few posts with a title. so i guess it must have been a pretty good experience [:)]!!

but ye achchi baat nahi. interview mein interviewer ko taadna. bechare ki haalat par mujhe taras aa raha hai. there he must be, trying to look all stern and proper, aur ap thi ki bas ghoore jaa rahii thi [:P]!!

i was once woken up at 1:30 a.m for an interview. needless to say, i didn't get through that [:D]!!

neways, bahut bahut congrats[:)]!!

aMyth! said...

well..since i already congratulated u.. here's one more :D

so, have u decided..yet??? ;)

Rebellion said...

Cooooooooool. That was awesome Ruchi :D

Btw, you were admiring the eyes of the guy interviewing you? :O:P hehehe, good good. Congratulations :D

Party timeeee, enjoyyyyy :D

Adarsh said...

Badhai ho ji....
Macha di ekdum !!!! (humaari bhaasha mien)
BTW karni hai kya :P

Anshul Agrawal said...


Btw what r u plannig now ???

creepa said...

Congratzzzz haiii!! :P

vaise itne lambe lambe interwooz?? :O..err..agar eye candy mile to sab chalta hai :P ;),nahi?

Vaise i think i knw ur decision :P [cz the posts now a dayz are devoid of C-factr(confusion factor) :P]

Raam Pyari said...


issue #1---interviewer agar cute ho toh kyu ni ghooru uskoh!

issue #2--thoda confusion tha, b skul and job mein..but I guess bskul it will be!!

issue #3--zenkyu! zenkyu! zenkyu!!!

~Nayan~ said...

Congratulations :)

Anonymous said...

Go4 adobe!! get a wrk ex of 2-3 years den u cud any day try gmat, ISB or CAT this mba fresher its better to hav a wrk ex before going for mba..