Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Good Bye :(

As I begin to pen down this, it is already almost 8 in the morning. At 9 I have to leave for college for my last official day there. We have the ‘Industrial Interface’[summer training ] viva and with that complete, we would officially be over with Btech.

In the last few days we had loads of work to wrap up including a variety of viva and the dreaded BTP[ For the uninitiated BTP is the Btech Final year project, a maxx beeg thing for any Btech student.] .We were a group of 4 people, 2 guys and 2 girls who had to submit the BTP together, so that required loads of proper division of work and labor!
For the past 5-6 days or so, I have been up till almost 3 each night making the rubbish 150 page Report that is so essential for the BTP.The tension continuously increased as somehow did the work.

In the 4 years here, I have been part of two different groups. One had N, S and I and the other had P ,R ,N and I. The first one was an all girl group and somehow it was extremely hellish. There were hardly any giggles, S was never serious about work which would make me very angry, she could be very rude and that intimidated me no end and some time later when S and I had a MAJOR fight [which had its roots in the fact that she left an entire 10 hours of work for N and I to deal with while she went for a movie ] we mutually decided to part ways. The next group was totally different. The last few weeks have been a pleasant experience that ways, not a single fight, no ego issues, infact no issues at all.. It was easy to divide the work and manage it. N and I wrote the entire 150 page Report and made the 30 slide PPT as well..but as we did the PPT work together for about 6 hours there were many times when we would simply crack up laughing ; it actually ended up being a lot of fun!
Calling up other team members at 3 in the morning to ask them some silly doubt, the program not running properly till 8 in the morning of the presentation, then the Lappy acting smart, preparing for the presentation, deciding who will speak what and finally the presentation itself.

Well, to cut a long story short the presentation went of smoothly, our topic was interesting and fun and the lady taking the presentation seemed quite happy with our work!
However all through the past few weeks there has been a non existent lump in my throat…it would soon be time to leave and now it is time to leave.

After the BTP got over, N and I, we went to each and every Lecture Theater that exists in my college. We sat in each class we have ever been into as students. And as we would enter a particular class N and I would suddenly have so many memories to share and recount. This is where I used to sit often, this happened that semester, that proff said that to that guy.
N would pick up a chalk piece and scribble a ‘GOOD BYE’ on the black/Green Board of each LT we visited as I would sit quietly in a corner, seeing her do this and letting the realization dawn upon me.
It is over.

Four years and 8 at times very long and at times very short semesters later, it is all now finally over.


creepa said...

Time flies off so quickly! :)
Dnt say 'its over' for its the beginning! :)

all d best dii :)!

and glad to have u back here :)!


Rahul... in City of Dreamz said...

hey.. cheer up... life is just gonna kick start from now on...

there is so much to look forward to.. new friends... new place.. new subjects... right???

enjoy these last few moments of btech though.. life will never be the same from now...

enjoy yourself gurl :)

Anonymous said...

ankhein bhar ayi meri to...

naween said...

sento sento post ho gaya ye to ram pyari ji [:)]!!

do saal baad ek aur likhna padega na aisa wala??

thode ansoo hain, thodi hansi, aj gham hai to kal hai khushi ...

R said...

beti--yess re, this is end of one phase and te beginning of another.
*sigh* trying to live each moment..last few days at home .

@anon--tang kheech rahe ho?

@naween--hehe...haan sento types ho gaya thoda...but hum chill hai!

Anshul Agrawal said...


u reminded me of last days of my college...

nostalgia reignited...

keep it up !!!

Unknown said...

Agree totally with Creepa :)
End of one phase of life, start of another. All the best :)