Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Aaah...well, the results were declared. 8th semester Btech results.
Today, in the morning , I read about them in the newspaper and tried hopelessly to log on to the website but to no avail.

I had not received my customary sms from him[http://smilethesmile.blogspot.com/2006/09/so-i-blog-about-him-today-and-let-me.html ] either. So that meant that either the results had not yet been declared or I had done miserably.But about 15 minutes later a message sent at about one the morning reached me .
It was from P. I have not spoken to him since I left college, but yet he remember his job [:P]

I read the message and smiled for 2 minutes non stop.

Time for a beeeeeeeegggggg wala 'yeayyyyyyyyyyy'

A round of chilled mango shake with dollops of ice cream and a generous sprinkling of nuts for everyone here!

And yess, I could not help but put the links of some other ecstatic moments when the first thing I did on knowing my result was to go online and blog about err...umm..myslef!


And yeah, btw, I am Er. Raam Pyari now.*superior look*


Neihal said...

beeeeeeeeeeeegggg wala

CONGRATS Er. Ram Pyari !!


Rahul... in City of Dreamz said...

Hey!!! congrats!!

Cheers!! with mango shake... :)

Anshul Agrawal said...

Congratz on becoming an Engineer...

Being an Engineer myself, I know "How tough is Engineering... ;)"

R said...

@neihal--beeeegg wala welcome

@rahul--heheh abhi bhi am having my glass of M shake:P

@anshul---aahh..actually batch mein deptt top karne ki khushi mein post thi, but woh likha ni post mein

aMyth! said...


noticed the Er. on chirkut..
well..though it's no surprise.. CONGRATS still :)

Anonymous said...

Many many many many many many mannnnnnnnyyyyy congrats diiii!!!!!!

Partyyyyy!!! Yeayyyyyy!!

*hugs* :D-Creepu beti! :P

amit said...

congo... ab u r the Lady Engg...so wht r the future plans like?

Unknown said...

mubaarkan, vaddi wali :D
You have mango shake, treat me with coffee, chilled wali :P

Enjoyyyy dear, you deserve it :)

PS: What were the exact words in the sms that made you smile for full 2 mins? ;):P