Saturday, June 30, 2007

Two things..

Today is the 30th of June 2007. This day is significant 'coz of two things.

1. My blog turns 2 today. It has been a very nice two years at that!

2. I leave home today , for the first time, to try and get an MBA degree for myself. I am all packed and ready to leave, which I will at 9 in the night.

It is funny that my blog should turn two the day I leave home. I have spent the last two years working for CAT and other MBA exams, my blog bears ample testimony to that. Little had I known when I had started the blog that that very day, two years later I would be leaving home , no not for a job which I so dreaded but for MBA which I dread even more now!

The pic below shows N writting on the blackboard on our last day in college a few days ago. chek the end of the post for more details on this picture.

So, Happy birthday and goodbye.

Happy Birthday Blog.

Goodbye ma, pa, my home, my room, my city, neighbours and everything else that has been a part fo my life here....will come to you all in 10 weeks :)


naween said...

happy b-skooling raam pyari ji [:)]!! and all the bhery bhery bessst!!

and yes, smile the smile [:)]!!

Neihal said...

happy Birthday to the Blog

and my wishes to you :)

Rahul... in City of Dreamz said...

Hey rp. . Best of luck buddy. . Do well and rock the mba. . Really happy for you. . :)

Rebellion said...

Happy budday to bloggie dear :D
Kya yaar, celebration time par aap senti ho rahe ho?? Tension nahi lene ka. Aur bye toh bilkul bhi nahi kehne ka. There's a word in Gujrati, 'Aujo' which means 'phir milenge'. I hate that word 'goodbye', I never use it.

Wish you all the luck dear. Sure you're gonna do grrrrrreat. Take good care of yourself :)

creepa said...

A verrry happy wala happy birthday to the blog! :D
And a verry happy journey to u! All the verrry verry best!Have fun and keep smiling! :)

aMyth! said...

hey.. sometimes it seems like "lyf sux".. but.. well..when it's time for some celebrations and time for a big step forward, "lyf rox" :)

wishing u the very best.. have a wonderful time..

Shekhar said...


All the best in the new city.

[PS: I was there recently for 3 weeks, and I can promise you its nice. :D]

amit said...

happy bday fr the blog !!! btw which BSchool r u planning to rock (ignorance disclaimers) !!!

Anonymous said...

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