Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Of Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Nahan and a romantic setting!

So, at around 3 in the afternoon we decided to go to my Mamaji'z newest factory that he is setting was a 60km drive...and we went to pick up Mamaji.
And hence we travelled from Punjab to Himachal Pradesh this time...

Its an ossum pharma foctory that he is putting up...and I kept asking him soooo many koschans!
I was sooo fascinated...
Why has he shifted from Hyderabd to HP?
How is the government treating them?
The financing?
The differnce in seeting up a factory when comparing both the times he set up one [this is his second factory, the first one he set up was wayy back in the nineties ]

The factory itself has sooo many sections including the packing section to the R and D section...they are even builiding a pent house on top of the building..It was sooo ossumm...surrounded by hills all around, everything was so green and nice!

I will always remeber standing sabb se upar...hills all around myself....the breeze soo cool flowing through my hair!

Anyways after that, we decided to move on...and went ahead to a place called 'Nahan'!!
so, whats specail about this place?
Nothing really, it is a normal tiny hill town...but the drive was nice.
it was getting dark by the time we reached the tiny city, a good 15-20 kms away from the factory.
The city itself nestles on the top of this mountain and we drove to the top of the mountain.
It was absolutley dark as we all stepped out of the car to take in the beauty of the place
Imagine standing on top of the tallest mountain around.
The moon is full and HUGE.
The stars appear to be closer than they ever have been.
The cool breeze whistles to you as it rustles the leaves of the tall trees around.\
And as you look below , in the darkenss of the night, it appears as if someone has opened an overflowing box of jewels, the yellow bulbs and whiteish tubelights that light the various homes bothe close and far , at different heigts,in different corners of the undulating layered mountains make for such a visual treat!

And as I pulled Mummy's duppatta closer around me , and soaked in the beauty...I have to say, that given the totally totally unromantic person that I guess I sadly am, I could not help but understand why the poets find this kind of a setting so terribly irresistable!

It was soo damn romantic!!!
Imagine me saying that!I never thought I would ever fin anything romantic!

After walking around for a couple of minutes more , we then headed for a coffee joint, where it took them an hour to get us coffee and french fries!
Another 3 hours to get back home and it is now past 11!!

So, I hurry to wrap up this tiny post....tomm I leave for two days[i guess] in simla..I only have sleevess shirts[ahem] so that means will be doing some sweater shopping in simla itsellf.


maafi for the hurriedly typed post...just had 15 mins or so!
buhbie and be good!


aMyth! said...

cool! man, i so miss going on vacations to some place new :((

well.. u could be a funny poet u know, if not a romantic one.. heeheeh. ok, kidding. but hey.. a person who can describe the beauty of something beautiful, can't really be a bad romantic u know. romance doesn't mean just a boy-girl stuff. or so i believe..

have fun. me good, always :)

profootball25 said...

Ahem Ahem ....
No details as to y u felt romantic that day .... ;)
Think abt it ... :-"

Rebellion said...

Wowww! Breathtakingly beautiful, wasn't it? The way you described it.. I wanna go there too! How I love being amongst nature :)
Err, is that the reason I'm quite romantic? ;):P

As for you, you're not a hopeless romantic, as you think you are. You are just missing it for now. Just wait for the right time till it enters your life and NO, don't take this as a curse okay! :P

Enjoyyy bacha :)

Adarsh said...

Wish I had the time to go on such a trip :(
keep njoying life..... time kam hai b'fore the big,bad corporate world surrounds u

Raam Pyari said...

@the does make one go all poetic!
and nahi nahi, I cannot become a poet :P
I cannot even read poetry, leave alone attempt riting it!!

@pro---abb aap zyadah deemag na lagaye!
Sabb kutch inna sundar tha re!!

@aarti di--haan, shayd aap sahi ho, mebbe koi iota of romance ho thoda boht kahi kahin...dunno...but hsyad...
I hope it happens!

And warry natt! pics hopefully dalungi..waise zyadah nahi hai!

Rebellion said...

Daalo dalo, jitni bhi pics hai, utni dalo but yeah, kam se kam ek pic toh aapki bhi honi chahiye ;):D
hehehe. Nice to hear the 'hope it happens' part from you :)

Raam Pyari said...

aarti di---wohhkaayyy...hum pic dalenge...but juss lemme reach home !!

Raam Pyari said...

[b] adarsh[/b]: hawwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
how the hell did I miss your comment!!!!!!!!

plz plz plz maaafizz!!!!!

and haan abhi toh corporate world is 2 yrs away:P
abhi toh colg life continues