Monday, April 30, 2007

It is 12:30 and I am waiting for Bhai to come back from a shaadi so that we can lock up .

The IIMs declared their lists a couple of days ago and the girl I used to study with has managed to convert A amongst the total of 5 calls that she converted.

My IIM dream however, remains a dream.


People tell me how a huge slary does not matter , how if I had gotten through IIM , it would have been difficult for Mum and Dad to find a guy for me [yh! I get that also!] etc etc...all of these are supposed to make me feel better ..
BUt they don't.
The reason is simple, I never wanted to go to IIM to get a huge pay package...infact really money does not attract me at all...I just wanted to spend 2 years at an Ossumm place and learn as much as I could.

Sometimes I genulinely hate eerything about my b skul , they even have supposed PDP programmes [ a.k.a rgging]
what rubbish is that!!
You leave home and all just to tolerate the shit the seniors decide to dole out ot you!

My cousin is getting married tomm..errr..I mean today and so today is going to be a longgg day..I guess I need to sleep...


Shekhar said...

Any b-school which is ranked as highly as the one in which you've so deservedly gotten through to will have an awesome and 'fundoo' environment. So, chill...

As for the ragging, mine was fun and all in good spirit. Don't worry too much about it and just hope yours are fun too. Don't expect jittery stuff at the PG level.

Hope you have a WONDERFUL and COLOURFUL day at your cousin's wedding.

PS: Aapke cousin ko hamaare taraf se 'Congrats' zaroor kahiyega. :)

naween said...

itne khushi ke mauke par itni dukhi dukhi baat karna achchi baat nahi...

R said...

@shekhar-- thanks for the comment..some times a little bit of sense from some one sensible is very welcome
and as far as cujjn is concerned to NO one in my extended family knows about my blog[they shud not also!!!] so, obvio shekhar the fellow blogger se toh nahi, but shekhar the frnd ke wishes pass karr diye jayenge!

@naween--hehhe..yess yess...but jab rant and rave karne ka mann karta hai toh koi takat iss duniya ki mujhe ni rok sakti hai :P

Unknown said...

Ranting at times is good. You feel light after removing it out of your system :)

Don't bother much, jo hota hai ache ke liye hi hota hai :D

As for ragging, don't worry re! It'll all be just fine. Just flash your sweetest smile n all will go flat ;) Fir bhaag jaana :D:P

I have biiiig biiiiiiiig ragging ke kisse to my account. I'd ragged a gal in 12th and she complained and I almost saved myself from getting suspended :P Bohot rag hui hoon, bohot kiya bhi hai ;) Its all in fun n good spirit :)

Vaise bhi, ragging ke liye mostly super hi-fi aur attitude girlz ko chuna jaata hai. Aap jaise bholi bhali ke smile dekh kar hi friends bana lenge sab aapko :D

Enjoy the wedding :)

Daroga said...

Well.. here it is called OP ... but naam mein kya rakha hai....
and let me tell you... it'll turn out to be one of the most memorable times of ur college life. Fikar not.... :)
aur haan... cousin ko Badhai ho !! :)

sunshine said...

koi nahin, i know where you are coming from, and frankly that is why i came here, coz i wanted to be a part of an awesome place. all i can tell you is keep trying and someday, lady luck is definitely gonna smile. good luck.