Thursday, April 19, 2007

It is official.

I am the latest victim of the dreaded writers block.

So, help me.
Gimme topics you want me to write on.

And oh..a couple of points just hit me.

1. Bhai en route to his pardesi ghar overslept , and got up only when he was a good 2 hours ahead of his station.

2.When I told Mum this , this is how our conversation went:
*Mum panikcs big time!*
*Mum then looks resolute*

me: kya?
Mum: decide karr liya!
me: kya??!
Mum: Bhai next time aayega toh we will take him to the doctor!
Mum: kya?!
me: And what exactyl do you plan to tell the doctor?
Mum:*looking coyly at her nails* yehi ki mera beta sota hai, isko koi beemari hai.

3.Later that day my converstaionn with bhai in pardesi lad went a lil like this :

me: blah blha( I tell him about this converstaion with ma)
bhai :*mock angry*achcha!!! Mummy koh fone doh.
me:err...she cant speak to you.
bhai :why?
me: she is sleeping


4.A good way of loosing weight is to get dental treatment done!

5.cuzn shaadi cuming up!!! yeayyyyyyyy!!!!

The cblock again!
plz plz kutch topic suggest karo :(

P.S adarsh, I cannot open your at home still ot working :(


Unknown said...

u dint reply to my comment :((
so wont suggest any topics :)
easy bahana ;)

aMyth! said...

i recently had to dig up my certificates for an interview and *panic* i couldn't find it anywhere. i had lost the keys to one of my suitcases a year back, and i never opened that. so i was sure it couldn't be inside the suitcase. but when tension reached the peaks, and the only place i hadn't checked was this suitcase, i forced it open with a screwdriver. (btw, VIP suitcases aren't all that safe. took me just 2 minutes to open it with the screwdriver :O )

certificates weren't there. later i found them..and even the missing key to the suitcase. (that's for a post...) was relieved. and i was telling mum about this. also told her i found the missing keys after the suitcase has been rendered useless.. My mom (*a highly relieved look*) "what if the suitcase is gone, u got the keys.."

God, mommies can be real funny at times.. :D

Got something to blog about??? ;)

aMyth! said...

funny, blogger changed my name from amyth to am!!!


Unknown said...

Ah! Join the club bacha! Even I'm going thru this dreaded writers block :'(
Start a tag & tag me :P
And btw, pics kahan hai?????????

Unknown said...

As for your convo with bhai & mom.. Imagine your mum taking bhai to doc & bhai in turn telling the doc, 'its heredity doc, I got it from her'! hehehee ;):P

Daroga said...

topic 1: beete hue dinon ko alwida
topic 2: aane waale dinon ko salaam
topic 3: random bakwaas :P

koi nahin... jab khule tabhi batana... abhi to saari umar padi hui hai :D