Friday, April 06, 2007

Now for those who don't know, sweater shopping at a place like shimla is one tough job esp when you're shivering in clothes visually unacceptable in such surroundings. But I took anything I could find and now I'm sitting in this tiny cybercafe inside a big fattt sweater and a huge dull guy sitting next to me and trying occasionally to read what I type.

So, I have always loved hill stations and if you ever mention the name shimla the first thing that comes up in my mind is...... snow!!!!
And can you guess what! there is no snow here.

[Breaking News : That guy has stopped looking , I guess he read that line about him. ]

I don't have a lot of time , as usual because people on vacations are busy ones, esp on their last vacations. The weather here , although without snow, is beautiful and it feels much more comfortable inside a sweater.

But, I have always thought of one thing. A sweater is called a sweater. But it will make you sweat only if you wear in the summers. It is usually used in winters and then there is no sweat. Why should one call it a sweater ????
Why ???
Why ???

Okay okay. I know stupid question. But that is how the stupid Rami Pyari thinks!

So now! I have to go because Mum is waiting!
Bubye! NjoI.


aMyth! said...

Shimla and no snow? :O
oh, well. i guess it's so in summer then ;)
my parents are on vacation and they sent me a pic of a place so covered in snow, i swear i asked myself.. "what the hell am i doing here?" :D

Raam Pyari said...

simla mein no snow at all!!!

aagey there is this place called 'kufri' wahan hoti shayd, but we did not go bak in chandigarh!

and yuss, chutti laying and holiday parr jaying!!
jao jao!

Rebellion said...

Mummmyyyyyyyyyyyy :-(
All are talking about snow & weather aur main idhar Mumbai ki gandi garmi mein sadd rahi hoon :-(
I wanna go on a vacation too! Abhi, and where it snows!

Me too love hill stations and looooooove the snow. But.. I've never seen the snow except for Yashraj Films :P

Neways, you enjoy bacha :)

sumit said...

U in my city!!!!!!!!!
and i missed soooooooooooo many posts!!!
Abhi to kufri mein bhi nai hogi snow.... :(
kinne din ki trip hai??
baaki kya kya dekha in and around chd??

Adarsh said...
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Adarsh said...

Humein bhi jaana hai Shimla.... :(
koi humko bhi le chalo..... plzz :P
so.... u r njoying full... hai naa... accha hai... lagi raho

BTW my id is
if u dont mind.... hv to consult u.

Shekhar said...

Sahi hai.. Enjoy !! My ex-roomie is from Almora and the idiot too is having a great time tucked up in a sweater and a razai. And here I am in Mumbai, waiting when I'll reach Cal.

Oh well, what the heck! ENJOY and have a great time with your parents in the BOOTIFUL surroundings. :))

Rebellion said...

Kithe ho jee??
Update shupdate toh kar do! Hamein pata toh chale aap kahan aur kaise enjoy kar rahe ho aaj kal? :D

Raam Pyari said...

@all--mera kampooter kharab hoyin
will be bak hoying!

Shekhar said...

//kampooter kharab hoyin

Maxxxxxx sad luk.


Rebellion said...

jaldi coming back hoying.
Di please kahing :):P