Saturday, March 31, 2007

I need to spend the time that I have more sensibly..I just spend it watching TV or orkutting....
So from now on , no ORKUT!

Why cannot I be nicer on the inside....I soooo hate the khandaani gussa I have inherited from my fathers side.
It is just a matter of perspective..if I can just be in his/her shoes things will appear diffrently to me..
I need to mellow down...but how, I do not know..
I need to probably start speaking up as well..
I am sucha weird combo of a couple of such sad things that I would really like to change....

Till sometime back, I really wanted an MBA...mebbe I still do, but things are getting fuzzy...
well..mebbe I just need to sleep..

I like blogging semi anonymously.

how random is that!
ohh..what crap!
over and out!


aMyth! said...


arrey! yeh kya hua ji???

Shekhar said...


Take it easy, sweet lady... Just chill and let your thoughts flow at such moments.

Shekhar said...

Btw, no orkutting.. :O :O

Even though me not on ur friend list, lekin not keeping in regular touch with friends is a cardinal sin, Raam Pyaari ji. :)

Unknown said...

How did you know what was on my mind?? Heyy, I didn't talk to you right! Is this your blog or mine? :P

Ok, after pinching myself I realised I was awake and you'd read my mind. Err, telepathy? ;)

Hope things get more clear dear..
All the best :)

PS: I just re-read your bloggie's budday post in which I was referred too. *proud grin* Made me smile to glory. Thanks, bacha :)

Daroga said...

kya kaha... no orkut.... !!!
{kaanch toote.... bartan phoote}
waise friend list mein to ho nahi... to ki fark painda hai ji.... but jo added hain unka to khayal karo :)
waise... humein pehchaana ya time machine chahiye :P