Friday, March 23, 2007

In retrospect...

So, now that my MBA prep has come to an end and also paid off reasonably well , I think I can sit back and retrospect.Again , another, pointwise post...

1.I appeared for a TIME scholarship test sometime in January.I got some 4k off coz of the test.I remember almost ramming into a truck on the way home.
MBA ke liye almost shaheed!

2.The first TIME class I attended was on my budday,the 2nd of Feb. The faculty came in very flustered and locked the door from inside!! Apparently some gunda was outside asking her to reduce the fee for the course!
I sometimes believe in signals, I had wondered then and I wonder now also what that stood for!

3.The classes I enjoyed most were the Vocab classes.DI , I hated like anything!

4.Sitting at the back of the class , always , without fail--Ossumm!

5.The first AIMCAT I wrote.I remember not even totalling my marks as I felt I had messed it up.
I was city rank one.

6.The moment the AIMCAT would end, I would wait impatienlty for the solutions to be distributed .Most of the time I would be the last person on the entire floor, totally engrossed in calculating the score and seeing where I had gone wrong ,groaning as if in severe pain whenever I would realise what a silly mistake I had made.

7.The loooonnggg bus ride back home, the mad rush to get onto the correct bus.I almost never made it safely onto the bus without the help of some guy who had been observing me make unsuccesful attempts to get on a bus or the conductor.
Almost everyone on the bus would be holding the same white/pink question used to be fun listening to others talk about the same paper.

8.And then the AIMCATs +the SIMCATs. Saturday afternoons for the AIMCATs and sunday mornings for the SIMz.What madness!

9.The madness would continue during the weekdays, waiting fo rthe results to be announced.AIMCATs by Wednesday and Simz the next day.
The sectionals,the percentile, the cut offz, the city ranks, the all india ranks.

10.Coming to IIFT exam per se.Somethings worth noticing are as follows.

i) I was dead tired during the entire exam.Never before have I spent sooo much time looking around as I did in that exam.

ii) Never before was I so totally bored while giving the exam, generally I am like verrry alert.

iii) I started humming a song in my head--I was sooo bored and tired and was done with the paper a good 5 minutes before time.

iv)The paper was in itself horrible[ 5 options+any number could be correct=you get no marks unless you get all the correct answers of the question+sectional cut offz+GK in the paper] so while on my way back home, I asked my borther who had come to pick me up to stop midway, opened the door and I leaned out of the car to leave the question paper on the side of the road.

11) Once the calls ahppened, it was much more funn, I enjoyed learning, I spent hours online, digging up important stuff, geting familiar with all the economics ka terms.

Now, I know I am through to an okay college..two more years of padhai await me, I will soon be leaving city I have lived in since the day I was born.
I will soon be leaving poeple I have never lived a day without.
Sometimes these daysI feel like hugging my house, my room, goshh..even my bathroom...
There are diaries kept here, in which I poured my silly 12 year old heart[Dear Diary, Today S got 8/10 and I got 7.5/10..I dont know where I went wrong, mebbe I am not studying enough...]There are places in this city I feel as comfy in as I can possibly feel anywhere.
I have started doing random things now...out of the blue I go up to Ma and give her a hug and do not leave her till she pushes me off.
chee chee..I even have started sitting in her lap. She is horrified, my twenty something daughter is moving on to ten something, she says.
I tell her to get me a glass of water, I can do it myself.. I have never before asked her to do such things, but now I want her to.


My regular readers, I know ,are already weary of the ultra emotional me but I guess they will bear with me .


Adarsh said...

yes they will ... ever :)
This post reminded me of my JEE days.....
it really feels gr8 when such a struggle pays off..... THAT Smile... THAT Relief.... is just Priceless.
Savor it..... treasure it... love it... live it.
Njoy :)

aMyth! said...

well..ultra emotional that u are..i can still put up with it ;)

hey.. now that all that is over and a new life awaits, it should be exciting :) yeah, i do agree it feels wierd when u have to leave ur home town for the first time..

but then..what comes after that will be a wonderful experience for the rest of ur life. so pep up :D

Creepa! said...

Dilli awaits u with open armz and pepsodent muskaan ;)!!

satish said...

way to go!

Rebellion said...

Its fun to be a kid sometimes. Besides, you have a strong reason for it too :)
Don't worry, ul do great, even on your own :)

All the Best..
Take care & God Bless :)

ranjan said...

Hawww !! No mention of ur blog and (hence, the readers :P) in ur CAT preps..banta nahin hai !!!

And, and dilli is not too bad, u knw :)

atul lakhotia said...

reminds of JEE prep..lyf wasnt that tough during CAT prep while commuting

welcome to dilli wid a close up smile..after all dilli hai dilwalo ki!!!

Also IIFT is located in the best part of Delhi..South u wud be having gr8 fun!!