Friday, March 02, 2007

Poorer by two.


So, my Mother always has had problems with my teeth. So, I hvae regularly been to dentists of all kinds , shapes and sizes.
They have all told me that the upper denture is very pretty and the lower is useless but then I have toothy smile where only the upper denture shows , so no fite karne ka types.

So, yesterday also, I was taken to another dentist. As I lay on the chair with the huge white light and doctor peering inside my mouth, he said these few very casual words to my father," Doc Sa'ab, yeh ...yeh waala dekh rahe haina..iskoh toh nikal dete hain....ummm..and yeh waala bhi"

I immediately get up," Lets go Dad'
The doc pushes me back," Lets NOT go, beta!"

And then I sat there dressed in blue denims and my pretty white shirt totally distressed for the next 20 minutes wherein I just sat and said 'NO ' in a variety of tones, expressions and gestures.

But then it did start making in like he said that this is not really going ot be cosmetic, if I leave this the way it is right now, 99%, by the end of the next five years I would be getting multiple root canals done.

And many more such statistcis were thrown at me.
And they all made sense.
Which was worse.
So, I said a dejected 'yes' and the dentist almost gave a whoop of joy and my Dad told me that he had fainted when he had seen a tooth extraction for the first time.Neither of the two reactions helped me at all.
As I prepared to lay down once again, the dentist said," Thats like a nice baby"

So, local anasthesia was to be given, Dad first injected me on my arm to make sure that I was not allergic to the medicine, once that was done, I just closed my eyes and started humming a song in my head. My father would keep coming again and again to check my heart beat.Hehehe..he was more tense about the whole thing than I was.

So, then it started *sigh*
It was mostly painless..I guess it was scarier to see it happen that it actually was which is why my father kept coming to me, to hold my wrist to chek my pulse rate.
He would then turn to the dentist and say ," She is behaving well under anathesia, her body is reacting well".
To which the dentist would reply " Ohh, yess yess, Doc Sa'ab, she is doing just fine"

The injections were weird and the pulling and extraction was ..umm..not as bad really....

As I finished with it, I was given specific instructions about stuff.My lower jaw felt swollen real bad, I could not feel any part of lower jaw and was not allowed ot speak much.
Last night was rather the bleeding would not stop.
But I am OKay now,next in line will be braces..*sigh. sigh*
But then I am in my city for the next 4 months minimum and in case I do not get through Bskul then that would increse to 6 months if I have to the braces are supposed to last not more than 6 I guess it iwll be okay!

Till yetserday things were differt and today I sit on my computer , early in the morning with my lower jaw hurting just a tiny bit and in general feeling weird.

So next six months=loads of visits to the dentist.
After six months= very very pretty teeth:) ;)
After 5 years= no root canal!

And yess!! All ye people who were concerned about my teeth coz I brush them so often, abb toh rahe hi nahe daat!! Abb kahe ki chinta !!
*crooked smile jismein lower denture ke 2 missing teeth become very apparent!*


aMyth! said...

:O did brushing too much do all that????? ;)

Dentists.. Jeez! I can't stand them. And very very fortunately, I never had to go to one for my teeth, till now. But I do know people who had been there and have screamed so hard, the whole city had got the shudders... heeheeh..

6 months from now, do a "before-after" post.. :)

Shekhar said...

~toothy grin~

Adarsh said...

he he he he he he he he he he
Ye daant humko de de Raam Pyari :D


naween said...

hmmm...beautification drive?? poori tayyari ho rahii hai lagta hai raam pyaari ko raam raam kahne ki [;)]!!

btw, sometimes people come out with stained teeth after having braces. so take care for that.

Rebellion said...

Send pic send pic..
I was see the missing teeth wala jaw :P

Sheeesh! Dentists dentists everywhere!! It looks as if I'm being hinted again n again thats its high time I stop ignoring my dental problem & visit one super-dumbo-devil-without-thornswala-person-called-"DENTIST" hmmppphh!


But that "after 5 years= no root canal" is "tempting" hehehe! But NO, am NOT going :P

sanguine said...

yuss, now it all makes sense ...
you poor baby you ...
lots of icecream for you , my treat ..send the bill , pyarijee...

atul lakhotia said...

hehehe...the toothbrush wud be thanking the doc...kuch to relief milega use bhi...!!!

waise abhi to 2 hi gaye hai...wen next??? :P

Pradyot said...

Hmm... a friend of mine got braces recently... similar teeth being pulled out and stuff.. what is bad is it still hurts when he smiles... his tongue and inner lips are always raw because of cutting against braces and he can't give a broad smile.
So... take lot of pics with broad smile before you go for braces...

Ajith said...

When I was a kid, a dental clinic is the place where I really hated to go ..Neways, since the deed is done, take some pics with a yahoo type smiley :D ..

Sayesha said...

Oh my goodness bahinnn... dentist stories freak the hell outta me! :O

Dr.Ankur Gupta M.D.S.(Ortho) said...

hey guys, this is one orthodontist here (Braces on teeth). I guess majority of the people fear visiting a dentist.Lot more depends on the dentist as to how he/she gains ur confidence. Today, with so many contemporary armamentarium dentistry is painless and much more colorful than ever before.