Monday, March 19, 2007

So, I went to my naniz place for a day.Highlights of the trip:

1.I have finally deicded that I am real scared of accidents, all throughout the 5 hour drive I was on tenderhooks.
kya yaar!

2.After having been in 2 road accidents it is only natural, I guess.

3.There is something sooo nice and warm about ancient houses. They ,somehow seem much more welcoming.

4.It is funny how now whenever I touch someone's feet, the most common 'asheerwaad's are related to shaadi.

5.Random relative who came over told mummy how it would now be sooooooooo difficult to find a guy for me.
Apparently, doing an MBA= saying tata bye bye to any chaces I had left of finding a good match for myself.
chee chee.

6.Seeing Dada( nana) standing there, his 6 foot frame erect, face outlined with snow white and thick hair and beard, arms outstretched, ready to welcome his favourite of 14 grandchildren.

7.Listening to a younger cousin's absolutely scandulous[?] tale of how one of her female classmates is interested in another girl in her class.

8.The dawning of a sad realization.
I am now offically one of those girls who , during meal times,do all the serving .

9. I dunno if my cousins are or no, but I def am sick of them being told that they should try and be like me!

10.Spending 3 hours with a 3 year old niece who has not seen you in 6 months can be quite an experience.
She stared off with totally ignoring me , nothing seemed to break the ice between us..untill I did the operation.
*maxxx threatening type luk*

The purpose of the operation was to chop off another cousin's unsuspecting nose.
The instruments used made of pink and green plastic and were part of her 'doctor-doctor' play set.
The operation was mostly okay, except when the patient had to leave the room to take a call from her friend who wanted to know what homework had to be done for next day's geography class.
5 minutes post the operation, in an attempt to grab a toy, when my niece fell 2 feet onto the floor, it was obviously time for her operation.She chose me to do her operation.
*proud as peacock type luk*
Her operation consisted of first applying 'garnier's ' something cream all over her face.
This had to be stopped abruptly due to the untimely arrival of bhabhi who , i dunno why, freaked out on seeing her daughter's face covered with the expensive cream.
So, then we put a thin coating of some talcum powder on her face.


We wrapped up the days affairs with a game of 'chai-chai' .

11.Another highlight was the crisp thousand rupee note that Dada handed to me as I was about to leave today at 5 in the moring.

12. Saw the partial solar eclipse with naked eyes.

P.S.--again a totally random post.
And as with most other random posts, this one too has been written in points. Why I have this fixation with having verything in points is beyond me!


profootball25 said...

good post :)

Loved point 7 . hahaha

No mention of me on ur blog ? :(

aMyth! said...

Wow! Eventful day... :)
And u should have gone for MBBS instead of Engg. ;)

I was reading an article by an RJ the other day and she too had everything in points. But in the end she admitted it's something that's stuck with her from her earlier software engineering days. heeheeh.

Adarsh said...

# 7 : :O :O :O :O :O
rest of the post... nice day it seems.

The only thing non-random in this random post is the sequence of random points. jab bahut kuchh kehna hota hai not necessarily related to this is the best way to write :)

Lagi raho.....
BTW joining kab hai ?

atul lakhotia said...

bachhe ko dararti ho...chee!!! :P

Rebellion said...

hehehe, cute post, as usual :)
#7. err, ummm, acha? aisa kya??? :P
You should be happy on #5 na ;)
As far as the points' go, its jus coz examiners want their answers in points and guess you're just too used to it now ;):P:P
I've never seen an eclipse :(((

Sayesha said...

Sistah, I just LOVE your random posts! :))

// 4.It is funny how now whenever I touch someone's feet, the most common 'asheerwaad's are related to shaadi.

Mere pair kab chhoone aa rahi hai? :D