Tuesday, June 21, 2011

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How many medicines should you carry when travelling?

So as the regulars here know, Sid and I went to beautiful Italy for the Easter weekend. I generally do not carry medicines. My Mum-in-law called me up and as we discussed my preparations for the upcoming Italy trip and she warned me to take all possible medicines. After all, it was going to be a 10 day trip and it is best to be cautious.

I agreed. And then promptly forgot all about it. Then on the day we were leaving and I was reluctantly packing, when I saw my medicine box. Mum-in-law's voice rang in my ears, i reasoned that I had so far never ever needed ANY medicine on any trip so why carry extra things, but MIL's voice rang louder and I succumbed.

In fact I overdid it. I packed medicines for fever, stomach upset, head ache, nausea, cramps, multivitamins, antibiotics, anti allergic, pain killers. I even picked up medicine for a minor medical condition that I had had some 3 years ago.

I think I packed more medicines than clothes.

Anyways, what I also did was that I spoke to Italians in Office who told me of the glorious sunny weather that awaited me in Italy. Impressed I took out all my shorts, skirts, dresses and threw them gleefully in the suitcase. Nothing below the knee - that was the mantra. However just as I was leaving, at the insistence of Sid, I hurriedly picked up my fawn coloured Zara jacket. For London only basically. Once the plane would take off it would be sunny, bright Italy.

Fair enough.

Or Maybe not.

As I stepped out of the plane and looked around it was drizzling, bleak and grey. Seemed a lot like London to me.

And that is how it remained pretty much all through out the ten days and across Italy. All throughout the 10 days I was in Italy, it was grey, bleak and raining. Of course, needless to add, weather back in London was gorgeously sunny. Two things happened because of this unfortunate weather condition:

1. In each and every photograph taken in Italy, you will see me in the same jacket. The same jacket. And jeans. While I was carrying two they were both blue so I was perpetually in my Italy uniform. Zara jacket and blue jeans.

It could have been ONE day's pictures. All the pictures in the same jacket. All. A-L-L. Do you even know what a disaster that is? NO wonder there were no pics on FB, none were shared via picasa with friends and relatives. *Sigh*

2. I fell sick- Yes, i fell sick. For the first time since I came to London. I caught a cold. Took decold for that. Then had a head ache. Took the medicine for head ache. Then felt nauseous. Took that medicine. Then Dad who is a doctor called to say I should immediately get on a antibiotic course. Took that medicine. Mum, who thinks she is a doctor called to say that I should immediately start on a course of multivitamins. Did that.
Bro who is a doctor in the making called to say that I should start a course of Vitamin C as it helps fight infection. Mum, who like i said thinks she is a doctor, called again to tell me to take an anti allergic as sometimes fever is because of an allergy. Did that.

By the end of 3 days, I had used ALL the medicines I had got except for the one for the medical condition I had had 3 years ago.

'Who knows by the end of the trip I might need that', I said to Sid in the midst of sneezing and coughing.

'Come on!', said Sid chiding me.

And guess what? By nightfall I had to take the first dosage for the medical condition from 3 years ago which had, out of the blue resurfaced.


Question for Readers:
For the upcoming trip to Prague, do I be cautious and take all the medicines again? And then end up using them all *Shudder*

Or not take anything like on previous trips and nothing will happen because there are no medicines to treat it if it does?

Pause, think and then answer. You answer can decide whether Sid has a good trip or no. *Serious, meaningful look*


gamathepsicop said...

don't need to carry so much medicines...u will be fine soo..tc

naween said...

Hence proved: Medicines cause diseases.

Raam Pyari said...

@gamath- i am fine..italy trip happened a long time back :)

@naween- exactly my point! dont keep medicines and you will be fine!

the.orchestra.of.life said...

ahh ... now I see why there were no instant posts of the trip. But it is pretty hard luck to have no sun for consecutive 10 days in a place like Italy.
Just check the weather forecast from 2-3 online sources for Prague and I guess everything will fall in its place. Have fun in Prague !! For something unique visit the Sedlec Ossuary in Kutna Hora too.

Preeti said...

Hah! :D
Murphy's law in full force, eh? What with the rain in Italy and all that! :)
Take some medicines, but not all. You don't wanna end up using them all again! :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Tell Sid to secretly place it in the luggage and don't let you know about it. Just in case for you, it could be the psyche doing it, and as Preeti said, Murphy's law in action. :)

Blasphemous Aesthete

Prathima said...

Worst thing to happen is falling sick when you are traveling and mis judging the weather in the destination. I hope you wont catch anything in your new trip, have fun!

Anonymous said...

U will be fine.. and prague is a beautiful place.. I had gone there and i loved it ...

you already been sick so you wont this time :)

Renu said...

better to take..

Chakoli said...

See ur mother knew wt would could happen to you so she prepared u :)

anywqys.... dont take much instead take more jackets of different colour and style... :D

Anonymous said...

Dont carry any! You fell sick ONLY coz yu knew you had the medicines to cure you :D

and did i already say i hate you sooo much for going to all the places I wanna go to!? :P

akanksha said...

Don't take any! Better fill your bags with all the other important stuff like clothes, shoes, accessories,make-up etc etc...Vaise bhi agar kuch huaa to Sid hai na, he'll get the medicines for you ;-)

What about the guest post?

Cloud Nine said...

LOL!!! Better carry only the medicines and buy a few great dresses in Prague! Hope Sid wouldn't mind;) Wardrobe revamp, you see...

Shubhika Taneja said...

Your narration as usual rocks!