Thursday, June 23, 2011

Post 6

So we went to Morocco in December last year. It was Sid's 30th birthday, we had just returned from India, it was Christmas time and we had nothing better to do in London. It was also my gift for Sid's birthday. In Morocco, we decided to spend all our time in this small place called Marrakesh which is a hotspot for European tourists. Pretty and exotic. And also tiny. Sid said it was going to be a relaxed holiday. I thought wistfully of a 'relaxed' holiday and readily agreed. So far so good.

We read and read about the city before we went there. Not much to see or do, we booked ourselves in a pretty Riad (traditional Moroccan house turned into a hotel). Sid reiterated that this was going to be a relaxed holiday. Again so far so good.

We created an itinerary for ourselves which consisted of things we wanted to see in Marrakesh. The half a centimeter long list had some 5-6 items on it. Very gallantly Sid said that we will visit all those 5-6 places at a leisurely pace...spread them across 4 one thing a day... because...yes, you guessed it right, it was to be a relaxed holiday. So far so good.

We reached Marrakesh at about 10 in the morning. Left immediately. Walked straight for 9 hours. Saw some 7-8 things overachieveing straight away our target of 5-6 things. I came back D.E.A.D tired. And the next day, Sid ready at 8:30 in the morning to go out and explore has the cheek to ask me what kind of a place I have brought him to as there is nothing to do/see.

Th next day we walked for 11 hours. The two days after that were spent entirely in the Atlas Mountains during the days and in the main square at nights. Needless to add, each day I came back to our Riad and crashed in like half a micro second.

Anyways, we leave for Prague tomorrow.

'Excite about Prague?', Sid asked me yesterday.

'Very', I say politely.

'You...know..', says Sid thinking a little bit, ' lets make this a relaxed holiday'


Next Post: Sunday!


A said...

Awesome. Seems like you are having fun. No pictures....

Shubhika Taneja said...

Enjoy your trip! BTW i was in London for travel a month back, and the weather was awesome all 6 days! Cold but sunny, however when we went to the Scottish highlands it was like how you described rainy, gray skies all the time. Still , i think we got lucky with weather in London!

Preeti said...

Wow! You guys have knack for going to all exotic places on earth! Have fun at Prague! Looking forward to you post! :)

akanksha said...

Enjoy!!! Looking forward to the pics:-)
And yes, hope you have a relaxed holiday ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you don't need to take that many medicines this time around. just chill and have fun... Sid, I guess said it very aptly.

is it that doctors kids over do medicines often??

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

That is some serious relaxed vacation ain't it. :P

Nice one.

Shekhar said...

At this rate, you will need a relaxing week to recover from your "relaxing" weekends.

Nisha said...

you wont have a relaxed holiday!! so have fun in Prague and give us a detailed account :)

Dishita said...

Relaxed vacation- hehehe.