Monday, November 09, 2009

8 Days
The ‘Blushing Bride to Be’

So today was the second last day at office before I start the longest break I have ever taken in my life so far.

And hence was the right time for the treat! I took SA, RA and KC (my friends from office and management trainees like myself) for the pre wedding treat. They had been after my life for soooo long. So we went to PI for lunch. It was, as usual a nice meal where these guys spent a lot of time wondering how I manage to do so much of nautanki all the time. When I kept on insisting that I do not do it purposely, it was concluded that nautanki is so much in me that I do it without knowing that I am doing it :|

Office was boring with the guy who we were supposed to report to absent from office for most of the day. We took out annual reports of the company and spent a great deal of time finding out the salaries of people around us. I never thought it would be so much fun!

Wedding shopping was minimal. I bought bangles for the ladies sangeet and jewellery needed for the Reception. So now all that is done and I can breathe easy.

Today onwards I am in the ‘Blushing bride to be’ mode. I shall be very coy and smile to myself most of the day and look v pretty all the time. (ok the last one was taking things too far, so maafi for the tongue of slip *blush* ).

Like I promised Ma, I shall eat and sleep properly from now on.


P.S *Blush* *Blush*


Sayesha said...

OH MY GOODNESS! MY BAHINNN IS GOING TO BE A DULHANNNN!!!!! Email me the details and dulhe ka photo toooooooo!!!!!!!!! :D

Sash (

aMyth! said...

i don't know how long it's been since i read ur posts.. it feels good :)

and..though already said.. CONGRATS!