Wednesday, November 11, 2009

7 days
Last Day @ Office

It was a nice day. I liked it. I distributed the wedding cards to the CEO, COO, HR head, Zonal team guys, CSD Head etc

It was nice to have a one on one with the CEO. He is such a no nonsense guy. What was funny was how the first thing he said when he found out that Sid is based out of London was to suggest that I should go to London and try my hand at LBS :P
I was so shocked! He told me he wanted 5 minutes with me if i could find the time. HahahHAHAHA

All the people I went to (and there were not many) were nice and all of them promised to be there.

My friends in office know how badly I want a hard disk and how I could not find time to get it and put movies in it.
They are acting so smart! They told me yesterday that it is not the right time to buy the hard disk and I should not waste my time on it. KC very casually asked me what kind of movies I liked. He he.

I left a ‘ Miss me and be there message’ on the soft board

RA, KC and I went to RC again and started giving me senti gyan like this is the last time you are coming as a single girl to RC with us and all that.:(
We made RA treat us cause he was getting a new lappy back in office...phew I get so senti about all this..dunno how i will be at the vidai!

Ok. Apart from that, nothing much happened, I took a lot of print outs in office- I think I finished one whole reel yesterday.

Back at home there was some tension about the reception lehenga so my folks made me wear it again and again we decided that it looks good and that lehenga stays.
In the morning also I tried the suit for the ladies sangeet with all the accessories-that’s also ok types I guess.

Called up RA and spoke to her for like an hour. Took a major decision which I think I am happy about if a little apprehensive!

Today is going to be a hectic day. I intend to shut both the suitcases today, go for a facial, get a hair cut, do some shopping for Sid, make the medicine box, do that work for Bhai- that should pretty much cost me the day.

And oh yes! Sid reaches India today!
Nice :)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations dear and all the best! :)

Your pre shaadi account is so super sweet! Reminds me of my own which was similarly arranged 4 yrs back :)

All the best again! Have a great Life!

naween said...

ye countdown extrapolate karne pe one can see you sitting in the mandap, tapping away on your laptop: Day 0 ...

:D :D

R said...

@anon- Thank you!! :) am riting stuff here so that i can luk back at it 4 yrs down the line and remember :)

@naween -ahahahhahah...not a bad idea actually!