Sunday, November 08, 2009


Today was TOEFL day. I am glad it is over. I don’t know how it went. I need a 100/120 and I am hoping I will get it. Otherwise I don’t know what I will do!

Anyways, finally I can concentrate on just one thing. ‘The’ one thing.

Just 2 more days of work remain before I start my break! No office till the the 3rd of December. That should be interesting 

Everyone keeps asks me how I am feeling, what is going on in that head of mine…I don’t really know.

Nothing. Sometimes

A gazillion things. Most of the times

Like N told me the other day, ‘other people get married na! It never happens to you!’….I think that was very well put. I sometimes feel I don’t really understand what a life changing thing marriage is. Maybe that’s good. The less you think the better it is.

Today was tiring. 4.5 hours of exam. Taxing.

I had no plans of doing anything much. I have been wasting my time, online, talking on the phone and generally doing nothing.

An aunt is coming over from the 11th itself. People have started coming over for the wedding! Can you beat that! My wedding is that close… heheheh

I have started rerererereading ‘Villette’ by Charlote Bronte. I can’t think of another book half as well written as Villette. I love the time I get to spend with that book. Fantastic!

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adarsh said...

Good luck for TOEFL !!!
I have a feeling that you'll get way above 100 :)

and also,
Good Luck for the marriage :)