Monday, January 23, 2006

Mishterr MoonWalker

In the past few days I have come to two conclusions .
1)Most guys are...umm...well...lets not say what I think about them right now.
2)Girlfriends totally rock!

But I have been tagged and I have to write 8 points about my ideal lover.hehe..this sounds so funny , so ,like Praddy prajji( who, by the way , is the gentle soul with an exclusive i-am-going-to-tag-you evil laughter who tagged me), I too shall not refer to my ideal lover as my ideal lover, instead lets call him Mr. MoonWalker . So, it is a hippopotamus of a task to waddle from the state of mind I am in to the one essential and imperative if one wishes to put up a worthy post on the ideal Mr. MoonWalker.

1. The most important thing for me is the character of the guy. Simple as that. I cannot bear flirts. Okay ,a lot of you would belong to the genre which believes flirting to be as healthy as 3hrs of yoga followed by a gigantic bowl of fresh fruits but i am as far from that group of people as is Pluto from Mummy Earth.So , Mr.MoonWalker has to be someone who doesnt faint with excitement/get hyper/crack those i-am-sucha-dude jokes each time something in a skirt walks by.

2.As far as looks are concerned, no modern day Adonis is required.Hmm..just discussed this with Ma, she is real cool okay. So according to her, those,lean guys in thoda baggy white tees, specs, padhai-likhai waala luk are my types..hehe...maybe...the only thing is that Mr.MoonWalker's nose should be presentable..bus! submarine! helicopter!

3.Well read. Now see, most guys run at a good to very good average speed when brought face to face with a buk. The putative Mr.M should not be one of them. A fellow P.G.Wodehouse fan would be heaven sent.This is classic example of wishful thinking.*deep sigh!*.In case any of you reading this is/becomes a proff of the all important and pertinent subject of Wishful Thinking at Harvard/Stanford you are most welcome to quote this as an example of a bad case of wishful thinking.

4.See, the problem with me is that even though i might have hundreds of things to say when some serious,emotional matter is under discussion, i just end up saying some thing totally non commital.My closest friends have braved these kinds of situations with admirable strength, valour and determination.*applause* I generally just hurriedly end the discussion as thousands of things scream their lungs out, silently, inside my teeny-weeny head.I can only hope that Mr.MoonWalker somehow understands this.He can also take Ms Nivindya's. 'how-to-manage-Ms-MoonWalkeer' classes held on Mondays from 6 in the evening. I hear she is quite good.God bless her.

5.I get scared of people very easily.I hope Mr.M is one of those non-scary types. I would not like to be scared of Mr.MoonWalker. A simple guy would make a very nice Mr.MoonWalker.

6.Mr.MoonWalker should not dictate my way of living.If i want my hair streaked red( right now i have honey-brown streaks ,by the way)and Mr MonnWalker happens to have a distinct proclivity towards blonde, he is most welcome to get all hishair coloured blonde. Mine shall be streaked red . Full stop. Period.

7.I live by some rules..I have a pronounced sense of what's right and what's not. You see, I need to respect myself, I need to be able to look myself back in the eye when I look in the mirror( which since is very often...ahem..), I am very bothered about what I think of myself. This has to be understood by Mr.M. I am neither as frivilous as most girls nor as silly ( atleast most of the times till I don’t see anything PINK .Then I go crazy).

8. It would be nice if there are some common things that both of us want to do .It would be nice if he likes to travel, it would be nice if he likes mountains, we could plan stuff together and have a nice time doing it. It would be nice if Mr. M is a teeny, just a teeny teeny bit like me.

Having said all of this, I must add some more rather abstract stuff. See, things like money and looks genuinely don't matter to me .Someone nice and simple who cares about me would do just fine. However, right now I have other important stuff on my mind …..

Sorry guys, but I always believed that guys are rubbish.. atleast most of them are, now I know how right I have always been………So, Mishterr MoonWalker is most definitely going to be someone my parents choose for me some years down the line. I simply refuse to have anything more to do with guys than is absolutely essential…

Now, I shall go back to my beloved books , books are millions of times better than most people and I wish I were not so cynical now


!xobile said...

Arre maatey!
Gareeb ladko par itni kadwaahat zaahir kee ?? Akkhir kyu ?? .. iska kaaran kya hai ? Kripiya ispar kuch roshni daalein...

Waise agar aapko MrMoonwalker chaheye to Armstrong kaisa rehta ? :P

Mai to sochta tha hum guy ache hote hain.. but aaj aapne kaha
Sorry guys, but I always believed that guys are rubbish.. atleast most of them are, now I know how right I have always been…
Theek hai.. aap kehtee hain to sab hee rubish hain... :(

Raam Pyari said...

chup karr ladake!!!
no reason at all for ritin the 2nd last paragraph, as in no specific reason...
and btw..i here talk abt 'most ' guys, tussi toh achcha boy hai! tuu 'most' boys mein kahan!
btw, i mailed u!!

Sumit Tada said...

Haaa writin comment at number 3 looks better than first especially if its ur second time only and you know nothin abt the person except the of all I cunt get why you named this post "Mr. Moonwalker"...i think you can easily find a very earthly being satisfying all your eight points coz they dont seem much demanding :D .....but haan its always better to let elder people make the tough decision....also "most" guys are NOT rubbish but maybe the rubbish ones are more "visible"....isnt it true?

!xobile said...

arre! I replied!

nivindya said...

nice list!you know what my list will be like na?i don't want to write it here odrwise...hehe
neway,i agree with most of your the end of the day this is all what matters..

v missed each odr ovr the weekend..:( was 1st day at uni..will tel u abt it tho not much to tell actually..

amit said...

wah kya season chal raha hai.... kis bhi blog par jao, everyone is busy describing the kind of guy/gal they want.... yeh Valentine ka effect 1 mahine pahle aa gaya ya phir us din ke liye fight maari jaa rahi hai....:p

meanwhile yaar u do not need to put all guys in a single category.... kuch bachhe achhein bhi hotein hai.

Shreyansh said...

You have got a pretty good idea of what you want and you have a way of putting it forward.

Your post made me look for the feminine equivalent of misogynist.
Found it --- misandrist.
I can smell a milder form of misandry here. :P
Just kidding!
There are good and bad people irrespective of their sex.
And I am sure u know that.

Pradyot said...

>>each time something in a skirt walks by
Does this mean he can't joke about Irish bagpiper players either?

Your ma is really really cool... awesome, if I may say. But what's with the geek looks... I mean, Sayesha is talking about how geeks are cool and now you. And how can a guy in glasses be scary!

Since you call me 'prajji', which as per my limited knowledge of Punjabi means 'older brother' here is an unsought advice (we -as older brothers- have this complete set of unwritten rights that we exercise at will): Reduce the time you hang out with your girlfriends who crib about their bf and yet return to them whenever free. That should reduce cynicism.

Ashish Gupta said...

//"I simply refuse to have anything more to do with guys than is absolutely essential…"

:O :O arre bhena yeh kya sun raha hoon mein!

Wishing badly and hoping against hope that you know about better guys... rather shud wish you directly know those guys instead of knowing ABOUT them :D *stupid grin*

hey jokes apart wats the aversion? have had some bad exp. kya :-/

PS: not 'itne dino baad' I've been around only.. just do not prefer to howl unless something appeals to me strongly.
Oh and then see how much this generalisation of urs (abt guys) appeal to me that I wrote such a long comment :P :P

DeePDiveR said...

Hey looks like its Michael Jackson who'd fit your description perfectly...first becos hez the original 'moonwalker'...secondly u hate guys and love girls and MJs certainly got a good lead on that front too ;D
Neway no scorn intended at Mjs one myself(of his music and not his looks or idiosyncracies)...hope u get ur moonwalker really soon and wish me luck so i get my 'venus beauty' sooner!

ps:somehow i got the feeling u lived in i seem to have made a fool of myself! Cheers!

Abhi said...

hey junior , Maybe you are right about guys you know.but just a thought - I hold kinda same views about most girls - that most girls are dumb and jealous and know , the 'bhaav khaana' and all that.and i kinda find it funny that all girls think that all guys want is to be their pups.some guys have better stuff to do than think of girls.dont take this as an online HUM-TUM panga thing , just what I feel.:)

Raam Pyari said...

sumit :arre..kyonki..i am now Ms. MoonWalker,simple!!and u are most welcome to comment as #1!!!

vatsa : and so have i:)

nivindya: haan!! and we have been missing each odr ever since!!!we must meet online ab!! it has been TWO days!!:O

amit see... MoonWalker..thats me,me,me!!
pehchaan lo, achche se!! and gender mat galat karna!:D
yahan mein ladko ki bashing kar rahi hoon aur wahan apane blog par tum mujhi ko ladka bana de rahe o!!:))

shreyansh : bhai, ab toh misandry word tumhare blog par maine achche se dissect kar diya, i have nuthing against guys..and yes u are right...its more abt ppl than about the gendr..

praddy prajji, i dun know why i call you prajji( if it means elder brother) cuz i think we are the same age, give or take a couple of months...
cuming to Mr.M getting hyper on seeing Irish bagpiper players toh woh aur danger ki baat ho jayegi naaa!!!:O :)) and u know the surprising thing is that most of my closest frnds dun have bfz either...toh ur plan sadly fails...

bhaiyuuuu arre bhaiyuu tum yahan howl karte ho???:OO, no bad experience per se, but then most guys do behave like such..i dunno wats naa...
but guys on mah blogs are kind hearted gentle souls...*beatific smile*

deep: MJ??????:O :O :O
naah re!!!! i'll run in the opposite direction if i evah chance upon the 'once great now just weird' Mr. J.!!!!
btw, no u have not made a fool of urself at all!!!!! wadde wadde blogs par aisi choti choti baatein hoti rahti hain.

p.s. 'wadde wadde' not to be taken as tareef of this silly thing, btw!!!

hitler jee : hmmmmmmmm.....this is strong stuff cuming from you....apani apani soch! btw, hope u do come across gurls who are not as dumb and jealous and superficial.
and nooo, no panga-shanga for me!! :)

Anonymous said...

"Sometimes you can define selectives and rule out all the potentials"

Just curious - are you trying to scare away guys ? Or are you trying to define "The 8 points to rule out all male homo sapiens" ? .. Just curious

Across The Wall - My poems, songs and more

Raam Pyari said...

haan..i gess i am , but cumon, all i am asking for is a simple guy with certain morals intact....:)

v said...

Hmmm... growing in places lacking in girls, and being very adjustible, I used to belive that I could self adjust to my life partner demands.... that is tillI read ur list :) ..nh I cant change that much :)

Aj said...

Hey Moonwalker

Reached ur blog ...
read many of ur posts...liked quite many of them

wanted to say about this post..

man !
I dont know u but !!!

If dis is really ur Mr. moonwalker..

he wd surely be smbdy mine types..
not to exaggerate.. while readin it was like smbdy givin my profile

I can falter on point 4 , not sure wd b better for 4 :))


ranjan said...

Stay The Rebel :D

Raam Pyari said...

v : it takes all types to make this world....u'll find someone ur type.Ameen.:)
Btw. welcome to my blog.

aj :!!!
welcome to my blog ...and if u are a simple and nice guy then i sincerely hope u get a nice and simple gurl as well...
Amen to that as well.

RonG! :D : yuss!!!!btw, i think that was one of the first points that u had in one of ur previous posts! Be the rebel! stay the rebel!:D

DeePDiveR said...

loox like ur spending too much time with ur mister chandambulator that u dont have time to post new stuff! is that sooo?

are u sad that maria sharapova coudnt make it to the au open finals

Hiren said...

Interesting article when one considers the fact that in the stress filled 21st century, the essence is actually more on mother leadership. Hope you get the person of your liking

Raam Pyari said...

deep chnadambulator exists!! :)
am bak now!!!

hiren :welcome to my blog!!!
i hope so too!!!

nivindya said...

hey !!
i jst got an idea.. lets get married :)
wat say ??
i know india me ye sab nahi chalta.. to kya.. tu yahan aa jaana.
no more Mr. moonwalker ke liye headache.. we've shared some good moments of our life and we can enjoy rest of our life together.. happily

aj said...

baap re.. ye kya ho raha hai yahan.. khulle me supreme court ka orders ki dhajjiyan udai jaa rahi hain...
bhaago yahan se...

Anonymous said...

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