Sunday, January 15, 2006

The white Maruti

First and foremost, for those of you who actually missed me ,lemme do some explaining..My system at home is acting real has got tons of attitude, you see. SO i could not really post, blogspot juss wudnt open!!!. Apart from that, i have been keeping busy reading books, having a great time with Bhai( who left yesterday, :( but no fear , i am not going to put up another depressed post which i'll have to remove later!) and in general enjoying the few days i have before the dreaded fifth semester begins...*sigh!*
If you look at it, this IS going to be crucial year for me.I shall ( hopefully!) get a job this year, I will write CAT in yess, it will be an important year...lets see how it turns out for me..

Some days ago, we had some people over for dinner.Their 5 year old daughter Shruti came as well...Now, by the time these people got moving it was already past midnight and Shruti was asleep on the sofa. I watched as Shruti's Dad roughly woke her was an OH-MI-GAWD moment for me as I quickly went up to him and asked him to carry Shruti to the car and not wake her up.
In retrospect, i wonder why i did what i did. The answer is simple, when i was little and when i would fall asleep this way in someone elsez place, i was never woken up. My Dad would always carry us( coz if i was asleep there was little chance that Bhai wud be awake) to the car...even if i was not exactly asleep , i would keep my eyes shut :).Then when we would reach home Dad and Ma would again carry us to our beds...
btw, this is all about when we were really tiny, ab nahiin , okay!!!

Talking about sleeping in the car has opened flood gates of memories...let me share some of them with you, here. My nana- nani live 5 hrs away from where i live, so after finishing the evening clinic at 9:30 in the night, Dad would drive us to their place for a tiny one or two day break. I can so totally recall those hours spent in the car( My white Maruti..she was bought when i was 2 years old and she stayed with us for 16 long ,faithful years .I was heart broken when we parted with her..and its funny how i still miss the white Maruti so much at times. )Due to the odd hour, ours would be the only vehicle for miles and miles, the wide open sky visible in its darkness, the stars, the moon, the trees taking up weird shapes.Dad would point out all this to the two of us.Once in a a while, he would switch off the head lights and everything would be pitch dark !Me , Dad and Bhai would get real excited and Ma would almost have a heart attack and Dad would be forced by Ma to switch the head lights on agin. After dinner in the car( which consisted of aloo-puriz, served to all by yours truly.It was, is and shall alwayz be my job to serve food, whether we are in a car or at home!)things would always become very quiet post the clock ticked ,the steady banter that goes on between Ma and Dad when they are together would gradually cease,Bhai would doze off and i would try to sleep sitting in the back of the car.
Often ,just as i would fall asleep ( or so it would seem!) i would wake up with a jolt to realize that the car has veered off the road and i would hear Dad wisper sheepishly to ma," AAnkh lag gayi thi.."
Then Ma would say"arre, meri bhi lag gayi thi...toh fir aaj clinic mein kya hua?"
This is Ma's rule .She says that the person sitting next to the one driving at night should not fall asleep ,infact should keep talking to the driver so that the person driving does not fall asleep either.Then Dad would launch into another of the million things which happen at the clinic, sometimes explaining some complicated step in some complicated surgery to Ma ( no, she is NOT a doctor but if any one in the family has any medical problem, shez the one we go to.'we' includes Dad as well:D )and listening to them talk i would doze off once again. My Dad dozes off atleast once each time we travel during the night!!

This last time all four of us went to Naniz place some things were different.The beloved white Maruti has been replaced by something supposedly grander(duh!X( ) for sometime now ,Dad did not drive, Bhai did, Ma did not sit in front ,I did. And yes, me and bhai jabbed all night, all the way ,cuz you know na... the person sitting in front with the guy driving should keep him engaged in conversation lest he dozes off.All this while Ma and Dad slept in the back of the car.

We do become a lot like our parents, don't we?

p.s. i have not used spell check, i am not even going to proof read this sorry about the spelling mistakes and bad grammar..mood nahi hai kutch check karane ka:)


Abhi said...

Such a feel-good warm post , I think I dont need the room heater now.I too have such fond memories of the four of us going on drives in the car - me n ma , papa and would drive and I would be next to him.And Ma would always be like "Arre suno , wo dekho truck aa raha hai , dheere chalao na" , "arre suno , yeh school bus kitni paas se niklee thee abhi ! Plzz dheero karrlo" , while me and sis and dad would be laughing.But since I came to IIM , those times dnt happen anymore.The most heartbreaking drives are when I have to go back to hostel from home and all of us are in the car driving to the airport .I just want to say "Ma i dnt wanna go back, MBA drop nahi karr sakte ?" at these times.

Raam Pyari said...

//The most heartbreaking drives are when I have to go back to hostel from home and all of us are in the car driving to the airport

i totally know that!! :( :( abhi Bhai also went bak na...i toh completely refuse to go to the railway station/airport! i just refuse to! Bhai is generally , you know..does not show much emotion...but this time toh he was also quiet and all since morning...and the worst for me is the simple' bye Bhai ' that i say when Dad starts the car..its just so difficult:( And then he kept turning his head to wave at me..till the car was out of sight...:( :(
if it were in my hands i wud have banned higher studies!

Abhi said...

My sister is a little more brave.she always accompanies me to the airport and decides to cry in a bustling and crowded airport jab araam se ghar mein ro sakti thi ;).

!xobile said...

This is Ma's rule .She says that the person sitting next to the one driving at night should not fall asleep ,infact should keep talking to the driver so that the person driving does not fall asleep either

yeh to har maa ka rule hota hai.
but mujhe farak nahi padta.. infact Im comfortable driving when everyone else is sleeping as I dont like to talk when Im driving.
(and I can reach to my manchaahi speed :D (evil smile))
if there're awake to bolenge
"arre mani!!! dhang se chala!!" "arre mani! teri speed kitni ho gayi hai!!!"
etc etc

ash kar

dotty_pixie said...

sigh..white maruti..its an imp part of my childhood as well considering it ws our royal chariot to school!
at 1 time,v both had white marutiz..remembr..nd now neithr of us do..sigh..
im sighing so much..coz ur post brought back so many memories..i miss ur white maruti..i miss mine too.
i miss you too.

Shriedhar said...

din expext ur post thhis qick
rememeber my yest day comment :)

I invite u to visit my blog coz i hv written a maha long post(possibly the longest :) )

WELCOME to my blg :)

ranjan said...

Umm...hmmm...ehh..hain :)..

No words, way too cute post...and am not good enuff to comment on cute stuff :)

Shreyansh said...

//This is Ma's rule .She says that the person sitting next to the one driving at night should not fall asleep ,infact should keep talking to the driver so that the person driving does not fall asleep either.//

In my case it is Dad's rule . He would not let a sleeping person next to him , when he is driving. So everyone in the family gets a chance to get the front seat , one by one.
Btw it really felt nice sauntering with you in your memory lanes.

I wonder why are all purani Maruti's white?

Ankur said...

Yaar I'm missing my parents :(

Suds said...

Hey Ruchi very nice post brought back lot of memories. No we did not have car back in India my dad has bought one recently. But I have a "mu boli behan" Neetu(Sis) and we use to go on drive on my bike after dinner to marine drive in Mumbai and have ice cream.. It was such a good time... :( Now I am in US and she in Australia...Am missing her so much today...

Anyway.. Will write a post on almost getting killed by sleeping while driving...

Take care...

amit said...

arre yaar tum log itne senti-senti posts daal kar kyun ghar walon ki yaad dila dete ho.... its vaise hi tough to survive here in A and phir ghar walon ki yaad to jaan hi le legi....:)

btw i did not hv a white maruti in my childhood... it was chetak all the way... Humaara Bajaj !!!!

Pradyot said...

Hmm... interesting princess! My parents never carried me to car... they woke me up, as they would have to wake me up anyways on reaching home.... to brush teeth you know!

Shekhar said...

Wow..awesome post, 'coz it has touched everybody's childhood. Time to plug in my two 'paisa' bit.

We had a brown Maruti 800, and yes, Mom, Dad n me too would go out for long drives. Dad would occassionally, just to make things exciting, let go off the steering wheel and start clapping to the tune of a Hindi film song/Gujarati folk song/any 'bhajan' that he could remember. Needless to add, Mom would immediately follow with "Hey bhagwaan..." and a sigh. :D

Hey Ruchi, yaar, you've jolted just TOO many memories. Long drives, old cars, Maaza bottles, home...sigh. Wonderful post. But the best part was about your Dad too consulting your mom when he has a medical problem. :D

~Anushka~ said...

sweet old memories last forever..

nice post ruchi :)

atul lakhotia said...

nice starts feeling nostalgic...
we did not have a white maruti..we had a chetak all the way...hamara Bajaj...and we three brothers along with mom and dad wud be enjoying the ride on it!!!

ranjan said...

Nice look :)...good that ur blog dint go pink :P

Raam Pyari said...

hmmm..sab ko ghar ki yaad aa gayi..

abhi: hehe..naah i cant cry in front of bhai!!!! he will make fun of me til i die !!!!

vatsa: beta!!!! innne tez gaddi chaloege toh gaddi nahi milegi!!! kutch nahin toh 0.343673873 chapati ka aur0.6752126351273 baby chapats ka dhyan karo!!!

nivindya: i miss u too :(
arre yaar...ur white and red ones as mucha part of our childhood as wz my white one! i miss ur cars as well..i miss u as well....infact abhi toh i miss aunty as well.....infact i think i miss her sweaters!!
hey bhaggu yeh kya ho raha hai mujhe!!!!

shreedhar : hehe..hukum tha naa...yess i shall now proceed to ur blog for the maha post !!!!

ranjan : jee nahi!! u are gud enuf for the nicest things in the entire solar system, entire milkyway..entire evrything!!!

//I wonder why are all purani Maruti's white?

bherry bherry poignant question!!lemme ruminate/cogitate over this q.( hey goddie yeh, aaj kya ho gaya hai mujhe..since morning i have been using sooo many synonms..!!)
waise u are rite...sooo many white marutiz..hmmm...*scratches her head*

ankur: awwww...toh fir ghar fone karo and apani mummy ko kisi cheez ke liye achcha sa compliment deh doh! :)

suds : oh me gawd ..i read ur post...hey bhaggu!! juss be more careful in the future!!!
a lot of ppl got nostalgic cuz of my post, i see....

amit : amit!!!! yeh to 0% senti post thi!!!!!!!! juss think of wat'll happen to u when i get down to ritin a senti post!!!
dun wurry..i'll put a disclaimer especially for u, when i write my senti posts!!:)

praddi i am not able ur site......links are not working???
hehehe..brush..hehe..i shall not say anything here!!

shekhar : arre, dost...mazza but no seven up??? i had no idea that so many ppl will be forced to think about their childhood cuz of my post....
and as far as ur dad clapping bit is concerned...gosh!!!!!!!!! mujhe toh heart attack hi aa gaya hota!!!:D

anushka hey welcome to my place :)
i am glad u had a gud time reading the crap i wrote!

atul: my dad also had a scooter...and used to loooove riding with dad!!! especially when it wud raining!! i am getting nostalgic!!

ranjan : glad u like it....and yess!!!! i wanted pink only!!!!!! but naa..the pink available was tooooo was not 'nice pink'--it wz the bimbo pink(with due respect to the bimboz!!) i cudnt use it..btw, tuhara template toh nahi tha usame..wher did u get urs from??

ranjan said...

Ruchi madame,

If you will take a small sa look on my blog, I advertise the nice source of my blog template verry well, with due thanx to the ultra-nice femme, who actually put the template to my blog :))

ranjan said...

Tagged U :), now honor :P

Ankur said...
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Raam Pyari said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Raam Pyari said...

ranjan : u wud notice that i have completed the tag.

ankur: i dun have anything much to say other than, i reveal as much about myself
here as i wish to and am okay with . i wud appreciate it if you wud appreciate it :)
cheers .

Ankur said... issues :)

!xobile said...

arre maate, apun ko YM pe add karna zara..

Sumit Tada said...

I read your blog for the first time yesterday and you have done a good job. But when i read ur earlier post i was surprised how ur frst 2 posts(the very frst ones) resemble my posts on my blog. I had not seen ur blog b4 wirtin my posts and was surprised to see them. Lagata hai sabhi aise hi start karte hain!!
Anyways keep doin the good job!

DeePDiveR said...

Completed the tag...list done finally after a hefty season of pariksha!Anyway I am coming to fars mehrauli from ur place?????

Sumit Tada said...

Hmmm I think I hurried a bit in writing the earlier comment. At that time I had read only 3-4 of your posts, but after reading more, now i feel that if anyone can find an inverting operator for english then I wont need to write for my blog! I mean whatever you have written is completely inverse of what I would have written on my blog,its like I am looking at my life with everything turned upside down! And still I like your blog!! Maybe thats why this world is so beautyful. Two persons doing exactly opposite things, thinking in exactly opposite directions and still both are happy and contended in their own ways! Keep blogging!!!

Ashish Gupta said...

talking of ur dad you got me all senti *sob* *sob*
I'd strongly recommend Big Fish anyone feeling homesick!!

Oh and that crying thing - I sometimes dont like papa coming to see me off everytime I come from home - he makes me cry too!! Oh but its me only who always ask only him to come along to receive me at the station and to see me off!!!

Raam Pyari said...

ankur: gud..gud!:)no issues at all!!

vatsa beta, mail toh kara hai...Msg bhi kara tha, but my PC hands each time i try to msg u, so pata nahi if u got my message...

sumit #1 and #2 first, welcome to my blog...
secondly, yess i read ur blog and the first few( i think 2) posts ar epretty identical..but usake baad toh beeg beeg differences:D..but yess you are right, both of us have totally different perspectives on life..but diversity is the charm of life...

deep gud that u completed the tag, i'll now go and read ur post:)
gud , again, that u are going to place is , i think, a couple of thousand kilometres from mehrauli.

p.s. i do not live in mumbai!:D.What gave u the idea that i do???:)

ashish bhaiyuuuu!! tum inne din baad???????

arre yeh na..waddi nostalgic si post thi.....most ppl who read it felt kinda homesick....

Anonymous said...

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