Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Okay, i just have one small thing to say....Nivindya has got a place in a university she really wanted ! Shes real happy and so am i.
So, herz a big big big CONGRATULATIONS to her...Keep up the good work.
Totally proud of you!


dotty_pixie said...

Taking a few bows..Thanku..Thanku!!
Thanx for the support..makes me doubly happy!!

latika said...

following words are meant for the lady who was curious about the various shapes sizes and colours of 'she knows what!'

hi nivindiya...
congratulations girl....first to be in ...and first out of college...and then into another one!!! u r goin great guns!
remember the dress designing pact ???

dotty_pixie said...

heya latika
totatally remembr the pact..iv already started designing..shud i send over a few for approval??
thanx fer the congrats..
nd stil interested in the shapes,colors nd info as yet??
do tell me:)